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Coca-cola Brand Strawberry.

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55 points

I don't care how much I have to pay for boneless watermelon, it's worth it.

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60 points

If you translate dutch literally

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Who else wants some Pizger

Preview 36afdb0e a85c 4d99 9bef a909ff21e4d6
83 points

Stoned Techno Fans Meet Off The Wall Juggalo! For Fans of Ali G.!


Dutch word to english, but literally

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So sad but lol

Preview 265a3c87 e02b 413a 98ba a0dac5f2e3e1
52 points

Well I'm Thai.

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71 points

- Health Life Hack - Sorry No Potato...

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20 points

Trivia time

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51 points

But you sure can...that other thing...it

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36 points

This spider made a web to hold moisture, even at 100 degrees.

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19 points

Fair enough

Preview fcc7735e 8fc5 4340 9e60 a4f75ee6d5bf
24 points

The perfect dew drop doesn't exist...

Preview 9c63b174 fa22 4a0c 9523 f49d95d3af2a
159 points

I'm gonna die...NOT ME!

Preview 130066e8 db0c 444f 970e e843fd435dba
15 points

Not mine but lol

Preview 898e3227 0b34 4155 bd3f bf6b94d6f71a
59 points

Could be worse I guess

Preview b47d331f ba32 4f9c bf10 341cb90e27bf
12 points

Just take the green of or eat it, you aint gonna die

Preview be623eec 7d2c 4f9f 86ba e6b3586980d4
42 points

Just remember...!!! What would you do???

Preview 9a90582e 9f29 4a6a ab69 0ad1f18fec6e
24 points


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