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He was sleeping but when I took this picture he woke up scared of his own fart. the owner and I shared a laugh though!

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No sense of personal space..

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Party hard

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75 points

When you're having a good day, then you start thinking about life

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76 points

True love

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50 points

Boyfriend thought he was bleeding while pooping


Level Two Protection.

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8 points

Please explain

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19 points

Arcanine I choose you!

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Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he's "still under the influence."

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20 points

This is doggo

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Todays his 10th birthday, look how impressed he is with his gifts ...

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Today is the day Nepali people worship dogs

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14 points

My doggo Zachary!

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22 points

Oh ohhh!

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24 points

They always ask “Who’s a good boy” but never “How’s the good boy”

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24 points

An I the only one?

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Found this on the internet, dont know the creator, pt. 2

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