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Is a Corgo ship

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Thought you’d never ask

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Mexican marine dogo "Frida" helps to locate persons burried by the earthquake

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So in today’s news...

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Mother nature is truly beautiful

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🐕 Meet Olive🐶 She recently recovered from Parvo 💝 send her some love🐕

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Her name is Frida, she's found more than 50 people under collapsed buildings

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Cutest thing ever !

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Y I N Y A N G B O Y E brings you balance

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need i say more?

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Dog tastes an orange peel.

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But it was your bed man!!!

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My dog Wynter - from living in the streets to relaxing in my backyard.

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We need a pupper in our life.

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Robbery Prank on Friend


Talkative friend funny


Not my arms


wrapping his car in gift paper!


clever dogs




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