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Day 11, the dog still thinks I'm fur

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62 points

This good boy looks like Sir Patrick Stewart.

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72 points

Please Stop

Preview 8b8a8024 cb4e 4b91 b521 475c327587a6
66 points

The essentials

Preview c658c115 cd06 4358 9efc 39373ef86150
61 points

Clearly my dog loves her birthday present

Preview 91178606 d597 49a5 9b1e 5a089570e8a5
83 points

"Comcast Technical, how may I help you?"

Preview e6068880 02f6 4de4 81a4 61e15e3db710
83 points

This dog came to every match of our basketball team. Today team presented to him this uniform and a ticket to the VIP-zone

Preview 92907219 1b94 4f72 8d23 2af6a571396b
64 points

X-post from r/aww

Preview 63826429 35e8 4510 8792 5daff45f12aa

WreCked mY shOt

Preview 5e36db2c c5bc 4d8f 8442 c317b9e8eee1

Just want to make everyone aware of the pupper that just popped up on my FB feed

Preview 5201d52e 1cde 4bbb 99cc 216e740caa7e
56 points

This dog looks cracked but I do like pugs bit to small for me though

Preview 835f4d33 6e54 4bd1 a4dc ca44bcbe5375

Guess how I know

Preview 887d4e7f dfe4 4724 be88 1b0b096dde35


Preview ecdb8b30 39e4 4855 8719 595098681273
85 points

My dog welcoming me home from work. Best smile ever.

Preview 6b504d66 65c7 40c3 8ae7 55b42b5679b2
56 points

Best seat in the house

Preview f9a90dd2 492f 4453 8999 fac532774459

Drone landed in neighbor's yard

Preview 09cbc419 5b28 474c b43c a84b8fce84e7

Doggo knows..

Preview efc3432f 5129 4991 b374 e49a1c77097b
49 points

One Head, Two Bodies

Preview 0bb7aae1 5933 4e07 8eaa 98b33a830d1c

My housemate just got his wedding photos back and this was easily the best one

Preview 0b2e54f7 93e9 40d6 b33c ad498793c1ab
59 points

The 4 stages of waking up early

Preview 1aa1de27 0e65 4a9c b65d 95afd184e287
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