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Your daily dose of savage

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I was good boi once

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12 points

Reason why I'm allways starving

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11 points

For over two years this has been my favorite picture of both my dog and my girlfriend

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This cat at my local rescue shelter has ridiculously long legs

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8 points

Something you might need!

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Squishy Squashy

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12 points

Euron "Badass" Greyjoy

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Good doggo

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12 points

His name is depression

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61 points

Oh the humanity!

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12 points


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10 points

The Suite Life of Ed and Taylor.

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There always be that edgy guy

Preview 35cd8633 a876 4aad 8ce4 acec2f94edec
11 points

Good boy

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69 points

He's trying so hard

Preview b61adb89 0d5a 4dc4 b828 87a3034ac3b9
14 points


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56 points

There, there, human

Preview 59dbc494 10e9 4c11 96bf dce92dfcd958
13 points

My face when the hot girl picks me when my friends were trying to hit on her and I didn't.

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65 points

Son makes a heckin good hat

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