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Friends are important

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Daily Movie Recommendatiom #5 - Snatch

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So Agent F did it ?

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11 points

Not mine but very important to know!

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15 points

Shut up Karen

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Akita inus are badass though

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James Fridman who amused the internet by taking Twitter users' Photoshop requests VERY literally releases another batch of hilariously

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17 points

Where is the money Lebowski?

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14 points

A fun photo remake from the 80's with my siblings.

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Goodboye doin a vv good job maintaining order

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Hang in there buddy

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There you go

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That's pretty big

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Synchronized yawning.

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Welcoming my coworker back to the office properly after his extended medical leave. --

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Dinosaur kid

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20 points

Never mind. you won

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'murica nowadays

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A twist in the tale

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Photogenic level 100

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