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Moon Moon is not impresed...

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15 points

Look at this cute snow doggo

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11 points

Hello, my name is Bob, and Im an albino penguin!

Preview a64ec8d5 3578 4a94 93e3 4daa7fe84dae

Hop clouds

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12 points

Pls Rember That Wen U Feel Scare / Wen Day Is Dark Alway Rember Happy Day

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10 points

Everytime you open the front camera

Preview 51d6112b 708a 484c ae41 e3c8650d2490
15 points

The cold was worth it

Preview 36c929e0 f6eb 4672 b88f d439f0ee1501
6 points

Moon moon

Preview 36f15485 66f9 4efc ae72 68702840b918
13 points

Being seal-y with your friends

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80 points

Jesus Moon

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1 points

Hey mommy look at what daddy and I made for you

Preview 8ac0a5ad 2ccd 4208 b4f0 38765f6bec86

A frozen geyser

Preview 6028e561 1134 42f1 be9e a29cda88100a
1 points

"Oh, your tent has a waterproof seal? Mine has 8"

Preview 140d618f 8be2 4fa3 bfd7 5d11de0ca734
6 points

Canadian Special forces

Preview 8e54ea09 41b6 4b4e bfa3 6a31527686f6
106 points

Somebody picked a terrible night to leave their windows down...

Preview 706693d6 7acf 4584 a7a0 b433223439de
119 points

Canada right now

Preview 646cdea2 46c7 4ded 890c d87a2ec86f83

Loki enjoying the snow

Preview 3cb6b64e 6e83 49ef 9242 1286f55fb21e
108 points
Preview 49b9a5f7 ba2c 4c86 ab49 8ec24e378395
96 points

Are we there yet?

Preview 290697f5 3529 44d3 9c56 852879af3576
139 points

Tooked me 35 minutes to clean it.

Preview 84c1821d c79e 4b9b 9aa2 932939b70ed7
98 points

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