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A tree just fell on my poor office mate’s brand new car

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64 points

I’m gonna kill that damn squirrel

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56 points

Too Cold To Be Sweaty

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Well Canadians, its about that time again.

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63 points

I live in Corpus Christi

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I have no idea??

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13 points

This happened last winter when I was walking home

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14 points

A dog slipping

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Every DIY Project Ever

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47 points

In one f**king night -___-

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The Last Flash you'll see!

Preview 611dbd26 1ac5 4a41 a496 c2a0b93b789a
81 points

October and its already snowing

Preview f843ab4f 03bf 416e a52e 46157ee70e43

I know this isn’t special or anything but here is the first snow of my hometown (:

Preview fb2500f9 ed67 489d aa49 103631697aa0

Meanwhile in Sweden

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9 points


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69 points

High voltage line broke of it's insulator and started to swing around.

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Nature is majestic

Preview 1f995549 f552 4c46 bf73 590102129eaa

Sauna at the Juvet Hotel

Preview e7aea41e 9803 4073 aad8 e10960915f5a
139 points

smile for the camera. water prank !!!

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