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High voltage line broke of it's insulator and started to swing around.

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Nature is majestic

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Sauna at the Juvet Hotel

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smile for the camera. water prank !!!


A frozen geyser

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What geologists see

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4th of April, Quebec city, Canada, the f**k!

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Just casually going to the HIGHWAY TO HELLLLL !!!

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This Lamborghini Blowing Girls Clothes Off Prank Has An Unexpected Ending (NSFW)

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Canadian Special forces

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Somebody picked a terrible night to leave their windows down...

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East Meets West: Singaporean Musicians Perform Beautiful Rendition Of Disney Songs

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Deadpool Invades Iconic Scenes From Disney Movies And Absolutely Kills It

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Canada right now

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What did you see first? (Potato)

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How is this even possible?

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My doggo went crazy

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Tooked me 35 minutes to clean it.

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Playing Angry Birds in Russia

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