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I chew, I chew, I a million times chew.

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8 points

Delicious Vegan Popsicle

Preview 663b9091 403e 4353 96e1 40ab531c4a5d
58 points

A huge urinary tract stone

Preview 2c0e08ad f33a 419c 8c73 8466d90dd25e
65 points

How do you like them apples?

Preview 86723973 bb0b 46ab 89dd 0e911d7c55eb
58 points

Egg in a Egg.

Preview b12bf4d7 b58a 4a20 83e5 e49518f8f465
63 points

Jesus that's big.

Preview 879c906e 2148 4d69 9c51 b23b01167514
61 points

I don't care how much I have to pay for boneless watermelon, it's worth it.

Preview bb01d97c 255a 48e1 8097 74e0da91d365
18 points

This baby carrot...

Preview 600603b5 a3ef 4338 9907 9a69eb213015
35 points

A lemon forming inside of a lemon!

Preview ba921a10 1763 424e a1c6 0cc21f77829a
22 points

Caligraphy is our friend

Preview 722c6e56 a704 4f4f a613 f3ff012c8afc
20 points

Oh dear. I seem to have

Preview d5c55f36 f144 4d24 8628 b20e14b9ee52
24 points

This is not a cake. It's a Fordite. However I'd still eat it

Preview 6ecf736d 8edd 4551 9265 99aedf811688
24 points

I'd still give em a good squeeze to be sure.

Preview c2fbc009 fa4c 4fb2 aedd 21ad81e2da16
42 points

Story of my life

Preview c7513421 0a0a 424a b680 1fedcc6955e3
20 points

The dragon pumpkin :)

Preview 401d3960 86ba 43b3 9a23 99e3c7a26974
19 points

British humour at its finest.

Preview 1b19a55b eae4 42e0 a14e b59173fba2b9
21 points

I like my grapes like I like my men

Preview 166b1222 6706 4b24 b649 54531d59d78f

The boys are having fun

Preview b7025c01 9c49 49e4 9ccd 7fd1528186bc
11 points

Gotta catch em all!

Preview 01e103ea 3130 4218 bee3 897fb5c3f1f9
18 points

Layered Bologna Cake with mayonnaise and mustard icing.

Preview 350526bb 7e05 4702 89ad 1fe9c074e30c
23 points

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