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Time to trim the bush.

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89 points

How Unicorns are made

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74 points

Coca-cola Brand Strawberry.

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55 points

meow gang

Preview 92e3a885 9e22 40e8 bae1 88f13300bd76
88 points

“Poor Man’s Lobster”

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91 points

Exactly what I wanted my hair to smell like

Preview 913fb0fe 58f1 470b 8731 d61669a5dde7
56 points

Only Guys understand this

Preview d571dcbd 8554 4fe9 bc1c f09b9a3179a4
99 points

Transformation Tuesday...

Preview 4ef2759b 44e7 41ec 9505 67f5c522dd4e
74 points

The marketing folks at ALDI are gods.

Preview f8d88f3a b68a 41f6 a87c 4dfb8a9ab74d
92 points

i hope it's a dog

Preview a740458d 8b10 438f a68b f5a24b0e07c7
23 points

Quite the Pear 🍐

Preview a5cfb54e c10f 43ae bca3 b3e916fea9bc
105 points

A friend of mine found whatever this is in Sydney, Australia

Preview 5572b9c5 99d1 4667 9c2e 75ebf9257c6b
98 points

What do you do with this thing ? -

Preview 258f205f e2ea 4630 aa25 cac3346114f6
95 points

This freaking squirrel stole my friend’s bagel...

Preview 1041685e 5ad0 4bbd ad1d a85906049992

For as long as I can remember, there has been a shower-orange shaped hole in my life. Today it was filled

Preview fa0633ff 4f2d 4527 af9c 5a5ea37f5af7
132 points

Brinjal man

Preview 0d9529aa 7d74 4982 ac24 b503e9a198f8
85 points

God damn possum eating my melon

Preview abbcde65 7b15 40b0 aa7f fa7db63de628

My Bloody Mary has an actual scorpion in it!

Preview 476b4703 ade6 485f 8d07 c2d19e389aca
73 points

Disgustingly cute

Preview daba7e16 0fca 4a60 86aa 28ade2f8467a
95 points

The clearest photo of the blood moon.

Preview 7e2c6a62 706d 4453 a2f3 61a15d22e2ce
94 points

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