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I see your colored pencil sphere and your parking lot sphere and I raise you this red hot glass sphere

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16 points

Apparently this is what I get for putting the cat on a diet...

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Fair enough

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9 points

"I have to put that in me!?" BDP

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12 points


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18 points

This is the reason I'm not a vegan.

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22 points

It's a thing now

Preview 6214a843 f3a6 4a6f be33 4ac36e0c6814
13 points

Naked watermelon

Preview 8b911d4a 2d51 4f2d 8f7a 02ccbc1b158b
8 points

No potato but still...

Preview a5d0503a aa58 47d3 83b7 50a24b7fdb76
12 points

Just take the green of or eat it, you aint gonna die

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14 points

An old worn out sticker on a shelf in a local juice shop, Bangalore, southern India

Preview e0856b32 3e66 4dba a78f eac2e54be4fe

Bunch o' bananas

Preview 953bfb87 b673 4cf6 a59e 16fe82d6e08d

This advert is offending Australians, thoughts?

Preview 5a9a78d8 c18d 4aa0 b81a 8f0c39fabfb6
4 points

I don't

Preview ba1b81fa 9fb5 4093 9c1a 2ac3cfb303d6
76 points

Oh Jeez!

Preview 6a8d0e82 883d 47d1 8be9 e97f636a73b8
13 points

This tomato tried absorbing his neighbor.

Preview 13aa6ea9 f8e0 403f bd00 78e01e37c72d
9 points

If Modi had 40 Watermelons...

Preview 630291fb bfe9 46c5 9429 8a05ed62c8e9
2 points

How grapes are made.

Preview da6256a0 85b0 460d 82d5 50d62225d651
72 points

Looks like Pepper finally got her own suit

Preview 96eb3b37 4b1d 4bb0 8eb7 62a0033d5ea7
51 points

Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship

Preview ec01c36f eb8f 4ca2 9cd7 7aa0f36079a8
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