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I will never understand people who put pizza on pineapple.

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24 points

Ever seen a happy grape?

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16 points

The pepper display at my grocer

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23 points


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24 points


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14 points

I quess Pikachu got a little frightening over the years

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20 points

The irony

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20 points

Visiting Grandma

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19 points

A 84 Year Old Woman In Canada Lost Her Ring In 2004, And Just Found It Wrapped Around A Carrot On Her Farm

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19 points

The boys are having fun

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11 points

Lingua villosa nigra, aka "black hairy tongue"

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19 points

Tips to win any office war

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22 points

Here is proof of just how patient my boyfriend is to help me nail my increasingly basic goals

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22 points

Found this pretty little pink berry (I’m assuming it’s a berry) today. It was so bright I saw it while driving past on the road, had to stop and get a picture.

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74 points

The moment I captured a beer tragedy

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The coloring on these tomatoes

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8 points

Completely peeled pomegranates!

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24 points


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89 points

That's a black widow too

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21 points

my tomato has a boner

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