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Went to go start my car today after not having driven it a month and mice got in there.

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97 points

Always remember to look under the hood before buying a used car

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67 points

I didn’t learn this in Drivers Ed.

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75 points

I don't wanna talk about it...

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This is what my friend saw when she was driving home for the holidays.

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51 points

My wife wondered why I was so excited to hit 80k miles

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38 points

Interior of a flooded Houston car

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86 points

Only one more trip today, then we’ll be done

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77 points

My today's achievement

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49 points

It only happens once

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52 points

(^ * ^)

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12 points

Caught a fire dragon!

Preview d7703e75 1b64 476a a8ee 80a025834d39

Remember this?

Preview 1e254d0b 1196 4ff0 9f5c 4be3e12b6f2c
24 points

A map of the internet in 1995

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63 points

This chunk of wood looks kinda canadian

Preview f89ff16c 47ca 4251 be97 d2b2a1e18a9f
18 points

I was driving to get gas, but I thought the trip meter was to coincidental to reset today

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What Happens To A Flame When There's No Gravity?

332 points

When you need a boost

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232 points

People relaxing on the toxic white beaches of Rosignano Solvay in south Tuscany WTF

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