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Wife didn’t think this hot sauce was funny.

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This was just removed from my grandfather's right lung, and they aren't sure what it is. Each jar is 1L.

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My dad got this for me, I just realized that I should have posted this a wile ago. There’s also a barf one. The guy at the shop says it’s flavor depends on what you ate.

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This ad starts off so innocent


A funny prank from Halloween

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Spiderwoman In Ninja Warrior 2017 Has Both Strength And Flexibility!

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Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

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Something different, yet effective. Phone Pinching.


41-Year-Old Jimmy Choi Who Has Parkinson Does An Inspiring Run In American Ninja Warrior Course 2017

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Honest Trailers Of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" Will Remind You Why We Now Have "Spider-Man Homecoming"


Leaked! New exposed alternative lyrics to Beauty and the Beast!


"La La Land" Gets Its Honest Trailer That Teases The Oscars Mess In A Funny Way


AMAZING! Girl Makes Dolphin Laugh Is Nothing You Would Have Expected To See!

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Walter White Is Here To Introduce Us The Most Dangerous Guy On Earth. Happy Birthday Bryan Cranston!


Nice beerglass design

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If Lays Start Selling Beer

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