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Everyday we stray further from God!

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When you try to mix memes, but it goes wrong.

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Reporter Gets Juiced

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A cooler pisa idea

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Butterfly Shakib Khan Subhasree

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* grabs fidget spinner *

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The ball... must get the ball

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Why you reading this

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I love garlic. Now kiss me.

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Where will you be when the hyperinflation hits?

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One of the best scenes on animated television

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Goodboy Cerberus does a guard of the Gates of Heck

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Experience get from mistakes

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Bob the nailer

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"I didn't sign up for this at Journalism school"

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Pure evil

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This has got to be, the best way to react to ANYTHING

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Walked out to the pool my girls told me they had boobs lol Who else did this as a kid?

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Worth a shot!

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