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I knew it

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56 points

If you know what I mean...

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66 points

We found them!!

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43 points

Family photos by the sea...

Preview e8d797a5 9a8f 4d25 86c5 7dbf2b9074ab
45 points

That's it.....

Preview 2c7a0127 8245 462e a397 eb0b72e41233
14 points

Make up your mind

Preview 6ab2653e 3606 417a 85ce 1b8103389342
24 points

ICarly growns up.

Preview 0cd4b792 429b 4e2b 9e18 d4927cfe3c24
51 points

"Just send it bro"

Preview f428c57f 9412 4e03 aa7f b4c74a763dca

Hol up

Preview ae01c442 92e1 48bc bbc7 738d0c3de6b6
23 points

"Fofão", Brazilian kids show character from the 80s

Preview 3ab98f75 e273 4182 9a40 55c89e331cf7
23 points

That 70s Show had some great lines.

Preview dbaa97c1 7460 4e06 9aca 8677848aa589
39 points

During his time as President, Bill Clinton attempting to catch the ball

Preview d069993c 23d0 474e ad29 6da8d79846fe

I feel pretty bad for his girlfriend

Preview 0f8aa112 2be9 45de 8eee 8006c034d5f0
73 points

Chuck's winters be like....

Preview 3e636a4d 0cca 49b9 ba49 650e6950c579
57 points

Do not discriminate long live equally

Preview ece63262 4ae3 4ca1 bbee c46946434564
19 points

Long live Mathilda Jones – after finding a huge ‘Excalibur’ sword in the lake from the legend of King Arthur

Preview c8417cb5 4ab1 437e 86b9 9b47d9a211c1
47 points

Lifecycle of a Guy’s Haircut

Preview 6d7dc90a 78d5 4410 a845 3521891f12c5
46 points

Lowcost Cosplay reaches a new high!

Preview 1a7bbbb9 eb32 408e 8e67 6c6af67b7d9f
35 points

*Freeze frame* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got here.

Preview ce4f9d5a 31d6 4a2e bca5 d0434a5d15f3

Some people don't know what to do with saved baby teeth, but that's none of my business

Preview e33cd05b 5667 4e6e a1ff 68527ed4e4d8
67 points

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