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Leafs-Hurricanes game

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Japanese Men Selected Their Top 10 Actresses With Ideal Body Shape

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106 points

Scared by sledding jump

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Good boi

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54 points

This is how must business people are these days

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76 points

When there's a new toy in town

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22 points

Not mine

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18 points

Meanwhile in the hood

Preview 38665ec7 709e 4bc4 9eaa d71c51b7c70c
66 points

My son got to choose his costume this year

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18 points

Finding intelligent life

Preview dd9d06d1 39bd 4824 a4e8 1050b88c9c2e

Still getting my money's worth

Preview 4dcfe4d8 18c3 4143 813e 5295efc3a393
21 points

Garfield comics without Garfield are basically just real life struggles

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23 points

4 out of 5 kids enjoy sack races.

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22 points

And we wants it

Preview 9e317cfd c5b9 4083 82d1 2eddcafca55c
15 points

My friend, a rope swing professional, falling into a 15 ft deep lake two summers ago

Preview 7279a676 6b42 4f1f 8d0f a5c5fe2275dc

Human Catapult BASE jump at Bridge Day today

Preview 71981607 d7e7 4446 b560 1f687bdbde94

My lady friend wanted a piggy back picture on the beach and a random biker watching the sunset said he wanted one too.

Preview 52ce1384 8da6 4073 a941 79d7c9739fa8
77 points

The sad thing is, leftist will never listen and more children will have their entire lives ruined in the name of a twisted ideology

Preview 54f4e25f 40ec 4b32 b232 e109bec90c1a
15 points

Photobombing at its finest

Preview a50d48ce a3af 4659 8294 93a2ca0560fd
17 points

Poptart+happy cat= Nyancat!! My interpretation of it :)

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14 points

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