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Testing the fart maker


When the keeper takes out the attacker, a break dancing competition starts

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132 points

Banana float

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116 points

Duct Tape Prank on Girlfriend

136 points

Mid-air struggle behind the newly wed.

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112 points


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Must be nice to not have legs

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98 points

someone broke into my moms car

76 points

Oh look, a lemon..

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101 points

GIRL VS. GIRL PRANK WAR 💅😂 Try it on your besties 🙌

155 points

Asking people for food

132 points

Baby delivery - the old fashioned way

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100 points

Dad and his son swimming .

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153 points

Um how many people can i see?

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190 points

Phone loss

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136 points

My friend works for a hot tub company, the CEO was friends with Leslie Nielsen

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136 points

Just trying to get into the club...

133 points

Whole lot of nope.

Preview b3fbdaec 7cfe 4d3b a007 98e3abac7dac

Rave in the Library

83 points

Wait for it and let me know if you wanna go kayaking in open ocean again!

116 points

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