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Magician Throws A Man's iPhone In The River And The Magic Goes Wrong...

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Samuel L. Jackson Rains Furious Insults On James Corden In "Drop The Mic" Battle


If White Walkers Were Teenage Girls, They'd Probably Be The Funniest And Most Traumatising Thing You Ever Seen!


"The Rickshank Redemption" Of "Rick And Morty" Is Telling You Rick's Backstory


Russian Reporter Gets Punched On The Face By A Drunk Man While Reporting Russia's Paratroopers' Day Live On Air!


My new cat...yes he is a derp

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Good for you

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Purrfection 🐈

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I was good boi once

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Hmmm, not sure.

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Can I get upvotes for my first selfie?

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Took a photo of my dog while he was playing with bubbles.

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This is deep.

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F**king flurries

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Who needs a BF if you can do this?

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Watch Donald Trump Epicly "Knock Down" CNN On Monday Night RAW


Squishy Squashy

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