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I knew it

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56 points

Interviewer : What skills do you have ?

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54 points

Expectation vs reality!

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56 points

The greatest chew toy of all time.

Preview d1c4023a 460b 4357 a49c a3d2d4b42ef6
57 points

One Apple a day...

Preview f1d3bb89 cc5c 467d 92bf 8f858a2113c7
53 points

What? Just... what?

Preview 326ee0e9 9785 4714 ae7b c592f5c17c87
13 points

My dog looks like she’s a floating head

Preview 3fd88228 84f3 417d b400 0266ef464c14
41 points

When Mom Knows How to Trim :p

Preview 8ffab2ae d586 41f3 a172 8c6ea4a2d2f0
18 points

Can relate

Preview 2391ea99 ea3c 4bf4 bf85 234ffb35bdd3
24 points

Make up your mind

Preview 6ab2653e 3606 417a 85ce 1b8103389342
24 points

His face when I brought out his toy

Preview a1547528 95b6 4aad accd b50369cc9fb2
39 points

When someone uglier than me get a girlfriend

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52 points

I just saw this posted on facebook and it says, "Life lesson learned. Be very specific when explaining how you want your dog be groomed." DROPPED OFF A SHIHTZU, PICKED UP A LLAMA.

Preview d1934fbd c23e 4101 a9b0 541422a710f6
41 points

Do not discriminate long live equally

Preview ece63262 4ae3 4ca1 bbee c46946434564
19 points

Lifecycle of a Guy’s Haircut

Preview 6d7dc90a 78d5 4410 a845 3521891f12c5
46 points

Some people don't know what to do with saved baby teeth, but that's none of my business

Preview e33cd05b 5667 4e6e a1ff 68527ed4e4d8
67 points

Portals are "one size fits most"

Preview ce59c612 c63c 4447 af8b 074fdd2162b3
69 points

I caught Tucker at the perfect moment

Preview b9097651 a860 4cb8 9d4e 7c79c4bb11dd

Omigod is that for me?!

Preview 2ebc319b af17 499e 8c01 b6c65728d18f
16 points

Gotta love Calvin and Hobbs

Preview 5e0a650c 3008 4c29 80c1 920c95e6d4cf
17 points

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