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Good boi

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Yeah keep going

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This is Churro. I found him hiding behind a dumpster, scared, lonely, hurt and starving. Now he is a beautiful healthy and very loving cat!

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Reminds me of TMNT!

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Finding intelligent life

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For all the weebs and japaaaan sneez

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If only

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Well hello there

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How I achieve things

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Couldn’t imagine life without her

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This tiny rabbit ist more beautiful than most people

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Snuggle Buddies For Life

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Friend found these two in the middle of the road. They were both riddled with worms. We each took one to care for and here they are reuniting a little less than a year later.

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Collar tag WIN

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Nobody reads it

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Thanksgiving prank call to morning news show


My best friend’s dog got into a chalk bucket and came out looking like David Bowie.

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