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he showed up with this present...

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Jerk sit

Preview b61059d8 b6e4 4c18 9a1f cfdeba6c0484

Talk to the hand

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what happened?

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94 points

This bastard just locked me out on my balcony

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Luna, after being caught red handed stealing catnip off the plant.

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She tore up the toilet paper. Does this count?

Preview 3934bfe5 a57a 4e66 8874 6cf55a2051bb

Hit it dawg!

Preview 6b11360b ef13 409b a32d dad721d7fe3d
109 points

My cat will not stop stealing my dirty underwear, nor will she release it after being caught red-handed.

Preview 1735e9d3 f036 4c0e b399 c62f64b8a247

Why is everything upside down when I wake up???

Preview 9cf2402f 10f4 4883 bc91 acfd9f6b4be8
62 points

One Startled Cat

Preview 1ec9b55c f5c9 4923 a63e c622e8b4b97f
64 points

Found this little guy in a museum

Preview 53f326b5 3b94 4b51 922e 12f7893df01b
81 points

A startled cat.

Preview 031d7f37 fbde 4d91 a884 3c7bf3cb0740
66 points


Preview 265f56ac a011 47d8 941e 8576a0164620
129 points

If you don't have one, it's you.

Preview 102d60cb 334b 4ba5 a496 4ed9096ee80d
116 points

Who says its not hot outside?

Preview 43982eb1 0068 42b3 8c5d 13b707287f23
158 points

Left my glasses on HER counter while trying to have a bath....

Preview 9a28839d 6c98 4c9a 8d9e c60d0302f66f

Her reaction when i say " i have another dog "

Preview 6a4a6ceb e164 4c4a 9a5a c58fa751a85c

Link, before and after he sees a moth

Preview 668c82bf 6614 40ea a090 181cd4932b47
105 points

Pure, unadulterated startle. He was spooked by the camera!

Preview 2f01d088 e165 49ac 8c2a c1a207891bc1
92 points

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