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Lion Yawn

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Real Life problems

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7 points

Mission completed!!!

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21 points

I vant to play vith vooooooo

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63 points

That’s a nice tree.....

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62 points

The itchy squirrel in action.

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This cat is right on the money

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Bless you, kitty

Preview 4fb33ebb ca53 40a9 8b56 e854ef8e49c6

trying to take a pic of my cat,and then she yawns

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When you actually have to tell people your cat actually isnt missing

Preview 58542159 cd49 4652 b90c b8f65b783dc9

Pretending he didn’t steal the hair tie...

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A college of Izzy, my always-spooked kitty.

Preview 9cd7fbd2 51a8 42fe 90a6 7d53e1cad739
45 points

He was pissed my other cat was coming by him

Preview c8f8c409 105e 4509 af4e c3554736c1f5

Cats wearing hats made from their own hair

Preview 55d47707 9ef6 4e7c b3dc 3b992c5f464b
108 points

This rude young boy sitting on my biology papers

Preview 22f1e633 a5f4 4fba a9c6 92cc9fe1d4ae

Haven't you ever heard of knocking??

Preview 80429d60 3481 4f5a 96bb 3c0afd577b70
63 points

they still ask me why I named him Lucifer

Preview 6cf4d047 4b80 4345 9b8c 0ab1686f3fcf

Yea stop

Preview 84078ca8 1d4f 4633 adac 6893c398d2ee
79 points

I see your stretching greyhound jerk and raise you a stretching fluffy jerk

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