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I had been nursing this plant back to life for a couple weeks now...

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That's sweet!

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The face of true predator

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He keeps his little nose warm like dis

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13 points

Are you our new neighbor?

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12 points

Scrat from Ice Age

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10 points

My Cat Looking Startled About Wearing a Cat Hat

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Told my foster cat she was gonna be a mother soon. She seems alarmed.

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YOU SHALL NOT PASS ... before you pick me up and bring me with you (I am in kosovo and I found that cute puppy in my backyard ♥♡♥♡ :3

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15 points

I Am King!

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Guardians of Heck, The Bamboozler.

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Did someone say great degree of difficulty?

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Sky raisins?!

Preview 936fef40 008e 4dc1 a2b8 b25a564fe1e7
19 points

Seductive Floof

Preview 8b9de009 eada 473a 891b 8ec9bf64d554
22 points

Beans spies photo taker.

Preview c9292551 de41 490b 94cc 5ba976c18661
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Dickface decided I didn't need to see what I was working on

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This is 9 gag, not youtube

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lil guy's hiding from his momma

Preview b8d885b4 0e71 4f2b a8b7 abe539ed582b

What else could've done it?

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