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Wait a...what?

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206 points

Cute As Fluff! Duck And Dog Are Inseparable Best Friends

218 points

Hi, I'm Egg.

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59 points

Meet Coco

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50 points

Do you see an eagle?

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59 points

Just a random fluffy bunny :)

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63 points

How could you say that?

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103 points

He is my very first kitty and he just died a couple days ago. He took my whole heart with him.

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94 points

Such a cute gir... wait, what?!

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83 points

Cats and homework ;)

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158 points

The last thing you'll ever wear.

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104 points

What would you name him?

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143 points
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103 points

He looks no less then a kangaroo.

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106 points

I never knew this

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118 points

Caption this ...

Preview 3e6f03b8 fcd1 4dfd 83b4 d600c46e17aa
84 points

Stephan the bear hugging Svetlana Panteleenko who adopted him when he was only three months old

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144 points

World needs more hugs!

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107 points

Lost a battle

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94 points

Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You" Launchpad Cover (Remix) Is Awesome

227 points

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