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Just got a new shower curtian. I hope my kids like it

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97 points

Jesus, would you look at the time

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75 points

perfect angle

Preview 96eeacf7 dee2 4bcf ae34 7dfb98670fc3

When u see it.

Preview d2c26dc3 f0fd 4b00 ac8e 9d04baa1fd28
86 points

Heated toilet seat

Preview 724c302a 3c6f 4867 9304 a0de6db23aa4
100 points

Twin Houses / Olimpia Lira, Chile, 2017

Preview ba215ca4 7346 4556 b170 4b84cd9c159e
80 points

My kitchen corner

Preview 07b68aef 2219 40ed 938c 424a1d386ed5
78 points

Dolmabahçe Palace Staircase, Istanbul

Preview 6bb7c6d6 1081 4cb3 a74e bd48a8c7eb0e
56 points

Thornbury House / BENT Architecture, Australia, 2016

Preview 49b20f5b 5d48 438a bebe 1e7fbe129b06
60 points

New to Reddit, This is one of my recent renders

Preview cee6aff0 f4ba 4c62 a506 f8671e0ec844
48 points

Woman lol

Preview 4ca6abcb 4bc9 4d64 8cf8 6b1e32a17da1
59 points

My girlfriend hung out at my house while I had to work.

Preview dd00d16e 429c 48d9 b45f bde7dd3a2646
108 points

When you try to pick out an outfit but everything in your closet is a bust...

Preview 106606a4 0118 4dd2 b522 358507c30c59
62 points

Model condo on the 58th floor of One-57, New York City

Preview 5f6a95f8 6b73 4749 8730 cfccc2b79125
43 points

My Valentines Day reservation is done.

Preview 60604804 1cb1 4102 93cc 35330d4d0e79
90 points

At least he had a good sense of humour.

Preview 2cd71f2e c9c2 4854 9bf8 0b2180abba0e
92 points

I'm single and I picked out my own shower curtain.

Preview a6969a97 9dd1 4dd2 b853 85e5c1e12269
77 points

Or pumpkin spice lattes.

Preview 6f43fffb 2d96 4952 b53d 50dff55e6272
94 points

Want to compare skid marks?

Preview 4c5ba979 5e82 4904 af1a 93937e63409a
23 points

Sophisticated Bedroom - Berkeley, CA

Preview d08a07d1 4d62 4da9 bff1 269a1e652823
90 points

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