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19th century gas regulating house in Melbourne, Australia converted to a home.

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22 points

Gorgeous chef's kitchen in West Village home

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11 points

Downtown Denver Loft on 16th Street Pedestrian Mall

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16 points

Cabin Studio, Olympia

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15 points

My girlfriend and I wanted to eat breakfast, but the cats has other plans

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These are for *dogs*? Oh...

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80 points

Lovely day at macdoualds

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86 points

Luxurious tented camp in the Golden Triangle region of Thailand

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77 points

Contemporary kitchen with views of Puget Sound in Gig Harbor, WA

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74 points

Can someone please explain what happened here? Famous fast food restaurant bathroom spattered with feathers and accompanied by an small empty bottle of Jack.

Preview e839ff9c e32c 4fbb b0e8 1105c9fc2ebc
105 points

House in Atsugi / Masashi Kikkawa + Hisashi Ikeda, Japan, 2014

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58 points

63.02° / Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects, Japan, 2009

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69 points

Relaxed living space overlooking the beach in Hahei, New Zealand

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61 points

Give me the blanket

Preview a5d16ea3 1cd1 4831 a120 ec37d1915e85

Making the best of our basement apartment in Baltimore MD

Preview d908dccc c68f 46ef 977d 6d2292a1db99
66 points

I wanted to play fortnite

Preview 27ee3937 93d5 44d7 9568 65f83aed56ae

Dont wake me up

Preview f5fb8f04 cbb2 43c7 9da4 198b3b0655d2

The International Sterling from Airstream

Preview ea38e2e2 e491 49ce 8e7e 401d7e2a5992
76 points

Low-lying mid-century-modern home renovated and extended on a verdant site, New Canaan, Connecticut

Preview f146d471 6737 43ec 89a5 c91da70f8078
42 points

there's a jar a water on the computer cart and does this make you nervous because this makes me nervous

Preview dbaea62e 3c6d 43e2 a37e 9109b6e808e1

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