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I think we missed one of the biggest astronomical Marvels

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21 points

This is my fav solar eclipse pic

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13 points

Set my camera on a tripod and tried to get a shot of myself observing the stars last night.

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9 points

The view from our campsite in the Sahara Desert

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14 points

Eclipse 2017

Preview 71aeaa65 48ec 4a81 a416 5f5bcc7d711c
12 points

Beautiful star show from right outside my tent in the Yukon

Preview 246afe05 60be 4103 aba3 ef8e485c86c0
17 points

That's quite impressive

Preview 9ed3168b 5829 4fab a9a0 3e4e48339dad
11 points

Wallpaper of the day

Preview 93d981a7 a668 4cf5 a1ac 70d8d1f94daa
8 points

The Milky Way above Mont Blanc last weekend.

Preview 02a6cb4a 7371 4040 af30 a42b4255d4fb
16 points

Decided to snap a pic driving. Noticed the dry rain spots on my windshield looking like a sky full of stars ✨

Preview 8e3933ae c4ff 4ae7 974f 85f4fa4caf49

Gliese 667Cc, one of the nearest and most Earth-like exoplanets.

Preview a423382a faae 4d61 8b45 5f527582c4c1
18 points

My thought for the day

Preview 36536f13 e03b 4c21 9df1 7dec2badc4b3
24 points

Long exposure of the Milky Way galaxy above Mont Blanc, France.

Preview f17041fc bd0b 4bb7 9f4a e6de4ce56476
11 points

A truck passed in front of the camera during a long exposure shot.

Preview 000004ce a110 4b8a 9aa4 8b7b50f235cb
19 points

Eclipse from space.

Preview a702e013 4eff 41b0 b037 779206271d52
14 points

Let me see some gif's

Preview 1db569a6 fb6b 4da0 a3fb 2a3d8d6015a7
24 points

Great Smokey Mountains, TN

Preview f0c3f144 f9a5 41fc 9ae9 e3d2705ffdd0
4 points

The Best Scene From Futurama

Preview da0a3d51 53ed 43cf 8d68 dab84466db1f
18 points

Jupiter's south pole

Preview b3cd4b71 dfe8 4804 9365 794b552588dd
11 points

My favorite scene from Futurama

Preview b70ff1dc 13fd 4870 a30c 6e6658ccde4d
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