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Let me see some gif's

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21 points

Great Smokey Mountains, TN

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2 points

The Best Scene From Futurama

Preview da0a3d51 53ed 43cf 8d68 dab84466db1f
16 points

Jupiter's south pole

Preview b3cd4b71 dfe8 4804 9365 794b552588dd
9 points

My favorite scene from Futurama

Preview b70ff1dc 13fd 4870 a30c 6e6658ccde4d
14 points

Jupiter's South Pole. What you see is a bunch of 10,000km wide cyclones.

Preview 9256470d 31aa 4010 ad30 a7aa352584ba
16 points

Mind blown

Preview 20e16671 a7ac 4316 b708 8aedc5abac73
2 points

A picture of the solar eclipse taken by an infra red camera

Preview a16355cb d687 4800 9076 4deb98449434
18 points

Under the Milky Way (Yellowstone National Park)

Preview 7cf9e9c1 2b29 4426 bb4e 9daeb24b44b7
9 points

Once in a lifetime shot

Preview 8e632d7c 8e9d 486b 8484 b4277213913f
15 points

A picture my cousin's friend took of totality this morning (taken in the Willamette Valley, Oregon)

Preview 16e67af0 1f58 409a ac82 035a1df59056
24 points


Preview aed58d3f d6d1 4b1b 916c 5145e4b77931
2 points

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.

Preview 39e9d25e 6223 4013 af3d 86c44cdc72ce
3 points

International Space Station passing in front of the Moon

Preview a957c56b 499b 4eb5 bf8f 59ec10cbc9c5
14 points

Mining Ruins and Milky Way

Preview d1090a06 a67a 4e93 ad8a 6a7cbdce6100
13 points

New wallpaper for you

Preview 1d7563ad 1a3a 4dce a7f5 c365bdd6c0e1
11 points

My first shot at a Milky Way panorama!

Preview 57177136 5fce 4efb 8621 22970538d061
13 points

The Milky Way

Preview 8462858e ddc2 4f9c 9e54 59077e2d2353
10 points

I love the way the earth rotates

Preview 9ccb9de3 f064 4a7d 8993 12f904f182f0
4 points

30 second exposure I took of the ISS streaking in front of the milky way

Preview ba343b93 4963 401b 90c0 fe5dc425fb24
62 points

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