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Slam dunk!

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“Just do it”

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ITAP at my university's baseball game

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Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

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Cats are the best.

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When your mother pushes you to say "hi" to visitors

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52 points

Biggest troll in mankind history

10 points

As I was losing, I asked him to intervene and sabotage the playing board.

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Walked into the bathroom at the Boise VA to find this on the floor

Preview bd182341 fa74 4b35 a3d9 c41962ad0e8a
75 points

I printed out yoga poses to try. My cat did not approve.

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Flood Risk

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She is helping with puzzles

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78 points

In another reality

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76 points

civil engineer who always wanted to be a network engineer

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88 points

Funny Soccer Kick

Preview 01f0c62c 0d36 4ea5 adc1 985b602b43f4
90 points

My grandma made this Chewbacca bath mat because she knows I like Star Wars

Preview e31924e7 2538 45eb 9e7c 0a1e85116d2b
95 points

Waiting for one dark comment. GO!

Preview 592c23a2 be57 45a4 a008 271cc15ca60a
99 points

I photoshopped myself into various Adobe software splash screens at my old place of work before I left

Preview a96fa898 89e4 4e90 a84f 71a116ec23c0
88 points

It snowed today in South Carolina. My Papa made a snowman!

Preview be658ea4 fe8b 4885 a357 4c9c6422cd68
74 points

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