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Oh wow!

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He never let's me finish anything.

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Miss all the old flags... Yugoslavia, U.S.S.R and France

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Roughest sport I ever played!

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Kebab is life

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My 7 yo nephew got this puzzle for his birthday

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24 points

Why Hooman?

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My boy made the team

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Some White tree of Gondor pendants that I made (using moonstone)

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Looks like the start of a porn

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The "Oranje Leeuwinnen just won the European championship! Congratulations ladies!

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Where is the ball?

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oh no

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Iceland has beaten a giant again and has qualified for World Cup 2018

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The perfect selfie doesn't exi.....

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For research purpose

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Fus Ro Doh!

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'Jigsaw' aka 'Saw 8', Unleashes Gory First Trailer For Halloween


Satellite image shows Texas before and after Hurricane Harvey

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