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Literally my worst fear ever! Almost gave me anxiety after reading this just thinking about it.

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The Trading Floor of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1995, closed in 2017

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127 points

When the keeper takes out the attacker, a break dancing competition starts

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124 points

What really happened

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171 points

Oh sh..

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160 points

My son throwing a baseball against a bounce back while I photographed from behind it.

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114 points

Works every time

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110 points

Karate or Basketball?

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101 points

Great choice

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87 points

"Made in Germany" what the...

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He startled himself as soon as I snapped the photo.

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You know you’re screwed when this happens

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My siblings and I recreated this photo from our youth. Circa 91

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Took a photo of a friend.

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This happened to one of my campers while working at a summer camp

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117 points

Mike Trout in the dugout drinking out of a Space Jam Inspired bottle.

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115 points

Painters on the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, 1914

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Don’t forget to wear your no-skid shoes at the Y

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108 points

Whelp thats a good design

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82 points

His foot

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