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Oh sh..

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123 points

My son throwing a baseball against a bounce back while I photographed from behind it.

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Works every time

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92 points

Karate or Basketball?

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Great choice

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73 points

"Made in Germany" what the...

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70 points

He startled himself as soon as I snapped the photo.

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Took a photo of a friend.

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This happened to one of my campers while working at a summer camp

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Mike Trout in the dugout drinking out of a Space Jam Inspired bottle.

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Painters on the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge, 1914

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Whelp thats a good design

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67 points

His foot

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148 points

Dating apps do work

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92 points

Finger Puppets are Fun.... WTF

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90 points

Chicken or egg

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101 points

Good thing he was wearing a helmet

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My sons friend isn’t a big fan of sports evidently

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Slam dunk!

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“Just do it”

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