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Honey, I broke the bank!

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100 points

Around the bush

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69 points

Case Inlet Residence, Washington, USA

Preview 4abf5f58 735f 4a2c b1af 7193e5608af3
51 points

From my drive home...

Preview ec5b91c5 62ca 4f41 9fff 646308a69b71
69 points

Street legal?

Preview f03739e6 1ca0 4977 a3d0 a53bf53d3645
59 points

Looks like We Got The Wrong Time Marty!

Preview 0c2baf14 291f 46f0 8708 da0ac67f55cd
93 points

Cozy Japanese-style reading nook in a Frank Gehry inspired home | Los Angeles, CA

Preview cda331d4 1683 4922 8d42 2212f43679a7
76 points

Casa GG Tapalpa, Mexico

Preview 947d0bd4 ea5e 4bff a6d9 0fab11f0672c
82 points

Saw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse

Preview f07d232f ce7b 4eb0 8d6d 7c9e6a6f4768
101 points


Preview 1aae5a3d 3277 44fe 8dc3 05fc8ea65af7
83 points

Beware of the NUT.

Preview 876d8c51 f9b7 4b38 b8e0 6be3a1dca234
83 points

Renovating condo. This was up behind bathroom ceiling fan.

Preview a0153356 2007 4080 89a5 d1a0f8d05dd8
84 points

Went for a walk, came back an hour later to this. It wasn't like this when I left.

Preview 7eb0ac99 e404 4fbd 864c 958db09a4968
94 points

When your tire and then the donut blows on the same day...

Preview 9da9568a 6996 42b8 a0f6 17092213c4ca
108 points

Came home to my neighbor painting his car in our shared carport.

Preview 1e089118 7d17 44d7 90f2 2370c918dc9d
78 points

When you have to evacuate, but meme is life

Preview d7679a60 968b 48d4 8405 2b2e309526e0
115 points

Irma gerd!

Preview 71fe6629 1620 4c49 baef 19d06314e236
57 points

Drive through a chicken coop?

Preview 2e34fc9f 4fde 4756 9b05 09e26071de3c
73 points

Hurricane Irma precautions Puerto Rico edition

Preview bfc8768f a777 4649 8e8f 4f76c1a0b6d3
93 points

Truck wheel

Preview 0910ff3a 7647 427d 8dc9 4619c5834241
71 points

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