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And you thought the German’s didn’t have a sense of humour...

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60 points

The heavily polluted Yangtze river: massive amounts of plastic pumped into the ocean every year

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70 points

Waiting for me on the nightstand when I came home for Christmas. Mother knows best.

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51 points

Gamer after one year!

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55 points

My neighbor:passive aggressive or just aggressive?

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54 points

Black Friday in the 'Hood...

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Our hoarder neighbors got evicted, this is the view from the front door.

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45 points

Airplane wreck

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My Very religious friends asked me to check on their 18y/o son while they were away. I sent them this picture of their house...

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126 points

Something shady is going on around here🔪🔪

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Did it eat helium or what?? Or maybe there was a McDonalds nearby.

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47 points

IRMA, what a bitch!

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50 points

Found this 'Sin Bin' next to a creepy flat with no windows. Any explainations?

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77 points

Portal in to the better life

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Good news for all you trashies out there

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Another pic of the apartment I delivered to today

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56 points

I think I'll get a loaf from another shop...

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