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Another pic of the apartment I delivered to today

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15 points

I think I'll get a loaf from another shop...

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1 points

He can bearly move

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3 points

That could've been much worse

Preview 01425162 a71a 49a7 96b9 8e4ad32164d7
7 points

My parents successfully evicted a hoarder from their stone cottage recently.

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3 points

Trash at a zoo in Australia

Preview 4db08974 0f7f 4cc9 b625 cd7deb36e09e
3 points

You won't believe what happens next

Preview 0e4db514 b327 451a b9a4 c9c96de33596
1 points

Well, she won't cooperate!

Preview c9754b73 d040 491f 9d28 34b774253b7c
128 points

Avry unclean Car,

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149 points

Be like Sweden

Preview ebe87fb7 7cdc 4c42 8adb aadeb2d800cb
124 points

Japanese man found dead under his 6 ton pile of porn mags. WTF?

Preview d26ae844 f1d6 4316 acfa cfac916a0ab4
143 points

Supreme japanese technology

Preview 546e8e13 963f 4311 8362 40480cca55e6
260 points

Good bye Max, you were a good boy

Preview 30fc2eba 52b4 44d3 8d31 867516ba166d
97 points

What happens the day after drinking and eating White Castle...

Preview 21b2106a c12e 4e23 aba8 c62909b94642
93 points

Make bins great again

Preview 6576d89e 175b 4c0a 96d9 a6c0d2302198
201 points

True Slavs Edition

Preview 219faf40 272b 455d 9032 703f7796b8d3
300 points

This plastic bag has some serious self esteem issues.

Preview 8891c497 7f31 433b 8e71 8c3aa9db9471
74 points

Who else knows someone like this

Preview 9b56a09b 55ae 49c5 8c7d 475e95c7a09d
133 points

China on top of their game

Preview cf0f802d da6a 4e0b 8ffd a84c8fc3e3e7
119 points

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