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My exes must have also been born on the highway.. because that’s where most accidents happen

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On the way home today... Wasn't worried though, he had his hazards on.

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Despite the massive amount of questions I have..................I am thoroughly impressed! . Crosspost from pics by JesusSkywalkered

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Someone’s not a Vikings fan...

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Tall Thai Tub Truck Transporting Tonnage

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Treat yo self

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Yo Dawg

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Where there is a will there is a way

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Is this bus being supportive, or threatening me?

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When your horse trailer has a flat. As seen in Ohio

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Somebody needs to stop playing in the dirt.

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Transparent Aston Martin Transport

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That's one way to park your truck

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We are hiring

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It was a pickup.

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Anyone want to donate?

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Hate it

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And she was the hot one! :(

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Solid advertising.

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