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An outdoor shower with surfaced with local natural lava rocks in Kona, Hawaii. Attached to an indoor bath. 512 x 768

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139 points

When you are sick and tired of the city not fixing your pot hole, just plant a tree in it 🙌🏼

Preview 84f95c7b 8cf8 41b9 84d3 0ba3b7126105
139 points

Poor little dude couldn’t hold his liquor, and he must had been an ass his buddy’s left him behind...

Preview c1efb7c5 460b 4e6e 8785 5b8bdd27bd63
215 points

Rooftop sun room at the Soho House in London.

Preview c887cdfd 3b7c 43ab b029 a01a2385dfb9
88 points

This dog followed the google earth guy.

Preview 9e60b5c5 c062 4001 a0fe 5599a4ef3808
118 points

I'm pretty sure this patio is Rivendell IRL

Preview f7bb71e7 39da 446e 9b9a bcedbfe3523d
81 points

This hummingbird was interested in his watermelon.

Preview 2554bc6c aa44 4d68 af17 3de433cdf762

This lady in my neighborhood likes to enhance her gardening with dolls and stuff. Here is the Royal Wedding

Preview 36d13120 ab36 4c14 8179 777ce6ab4ac0
126 points

Bee pooping mid-flight

Preview 85eb82d4 ec8c 44ce aee4 3bda50f0abb4
132 points


Preview 4ce616c8 4e06 4fb7 ae0f a35613dd7981
116 points

Cold War luxury bunker design from the 1962-63 Worlds Fair

Preview 74264cc6 ef01 4324 8a7e 6f8163c56c28
97 points

Rows of pivoting glass doors opened to allow air to flow through the dining space that open onto a courtyard and lush garden at a house in Semarang, Java, Indonesia

Preview 297fc968 2906 496d bd17 576c0758be0f
56 points

Hey guys, your feeder fell down

Preview 883dbee2 30b6 479d 8629 f13f2a60a603

Beauty about to be destroyed

Preview efba6eb2 64e3 47f4 abf6 3156831c473b
100 points

Love these animals

Preview 4337460c ea13 4ada 8d16 08d8407c5a8a
120 points

Blue-banded bee

Preview 7363af53 7410 4b6d ab55 ad2016b05c69
126 points

I too snapped a pic of a butterfly with its wings open

Preview 89007c43 20dc 42a2 b279 03cc4d9460fd

Caught a picture of a butterfly wings open

Preview 38687da9 ea26 4c55 b874 1b019bef9db1
104 points

Saw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse

Preview f07d232f ce7b 4eb0 8d6d 7c9e6a6f4768
124 points

This fly that landed on a flower I was photographing.

Preview 09967b15 7f3c 4d47 bac0 ba7ffeef5a02
127 points

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