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The real WTF is that I've never seen this beautiful flower in my 45 years.

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7 points

Big albino snek

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10 points

This spider made a web to hold moisture, even at 100 degrees.

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9 points

Street art employing a tuft of grass

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8 points

Ever take a photo in the middle of a lightning flash in a hurricane?

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11 points

Have a nice day

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12 points

You can get every colour of flower in this park.

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13 points

Neighbors know how to have a good time.

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0 points

Bird made from old CDs

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11 points

When you lie on your resume to get a job you originally wouldn't get hired for because you're overqualified.

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15 points

Vole sleeping in an iris flower

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14 points

Mt. Daimonji-Yama in the rain- I thought it was pretty beautiful!

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18 points

When your dad is an old school gamer and like cosplay.

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15 points

Retaining wall

Preview d793a799 73e9 4375 87cd 1c059ddfebd4
14 points

Mother of Tomato

Preview 939c8944 61ae 47fa af6d b2b35af86420
14 points

Korean street angel

Preview 6a31ee09 f725 4500 8213 f6c4b2dc4698

The design on this clover forms a near perfect triangle.

Preview dc2eeb0c 8799 4491 a0d3 314091cdbb2d
4 points

That moment you realize you grabbed the wrong spray...

Preview 5539d395 9025 4081 8b0e 528585d1e4a7
4 points

The reflection of the sun in my chimney burns the grass. You can see the movement of the sun. Yes I know it's the earth that moves.

Preview ac8d7153 0894 46ad b85b 44e26d4440a9
4 points

Found this flower on my walk home today.

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