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When you dont buy treats

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Ready for the party!

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Left my boyfriend unattended with my clip in extensions for 10 minutes...

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74 points

Infinity wars is the greatest crossover of all ti....

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97 points

Horse without hoof

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103 points

For those who have to change it, may the force be with you

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88 points

Wait..... Hol up

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72 points

I shaved my ARMS for THIS!?

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92 points

Nut Newsly

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Our magazine does a swim suit issue once a year featuring models who submit applications online. We had a new submission this year that really caught our eye...

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103 points

Didney Worl

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77 points

Bubble butt big ass german Emma Henke

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1,000 points

Whoever keeps doing these, Thank you.

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128 points

What I'm wearing this St. Patrick's Day

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66 points

Dunno what to think.

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101 points

This guy tried to break into Richard Garriotts house last night.

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76 points

Barry it

Preview b3216959 737e 4258 8b23 6cd2a0e978ae
100 points

Netflix on a flat screen

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104 points

Toronto Blue Jays shirt

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109 points

Idk who did this but thank you

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