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Ruthless Geoffrey

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117 points

Haunts me at night that this is the new owner of the playboy mansion

Preview edf06d51 9fe8 45a6 ab2c 4607a31f3efa
242 points

I wear this when I'm feeling cheeky

Preview fa9163cf a305 46f2 9e6b a79100c62786
237 points

The Downside Of Bionics

Preview e452fb07 02e2 4c35 bd7a cee197df2ee4
187 points

Fuck that, lol..

Preview 0fc2e50b 9a13 4a9d a5ad 75e5599e507f
216 points

Interesting Taylor Swift T-Shirt

Preview 478f6dc7 91ae 40ce 8fb3 4d2977446575
161 points

How weak is ur self control?😅

Preview 9929536d 6db7 4a56 ae74 4f71c2845143
174 points

The dude in the back and his gf.

Preview 3dba3a25 8ba2 475e afd1 a76f1f508e5d
376 points

RIP Sulley

Preview 5782d2d1 aa5f 4dc8 b932 9a1aa0586e49
107 points

My green pants looking they just smoked some green

Preview 8e5d61d5 1714 4a80 a092 4f7f22a5653e
179 points

My cat has no manners.

Preview 1602d6b5 3919 4ac9 a724 e764e59e6e5f
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How the daddy long-legs got its name

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We are fabolous

Preview a568f9c4 9792 45aa 8e18 7ebfae91a72a
120 points

College graduate with an awesome attitude

Preview 6c49dc36 f648 461c 9c65 25a7bf5f8023
160 points


Preview 13017f65 6450 4799 86cf ed44b01ea46f
112 points

Old roommate punched a hole in the door. New roommate fixed it

Preview 2ff07b4f e72f 473f 980d 34fc143aecd9
98 points

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