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Secret Santa really delivered this year!

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16 points


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15 points

I want to kill myself

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62 points


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21 points

Hang in there!

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80 points


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38 points

The height of fashion

Preview 57d8b58b 3dd8 41fd 901d 7bee5251af90
19 points

my wife asked for something to wear for her birthday and she likes 90's music so I made her a shirt

Preview c6c07990 6a4d 44f3 b952 1ba935586b59
62 points

This is Gold!

Preview affa2c26 e9d7 44ad be90 974b36c4c5f1
82 points

Saw this on Facebook: Look at her right hand. At least it is not green. #hulk

Preview edd2417c fb9e 46ed a848 96d5ad20e350

Gotta be exhausting picking up pearls over and over again.

Preview 6d0e2108 de98 4c76 b669 ecf21348aa0d
93 points

Pie Chart

Preview e2372ec1 ef70 4780 a8e9 38290361b6b6
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My pregnant wife went all out for Halloween!

Preview 32cc08d2 687d 4974 945b bca841c7b983
16 points

This guy...

Preview f89bd81e f9a1 40b5 99cc 0b0c4c7e2fe6
71 points

Nothing can stop him.

Preview 5115145b acc2 433e 8baf c1126445a77d
24 points
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Came across this gem in Frisco Tx

Preview 2a512871 d73c 41b3 8b5c c151d8a0ef42
18 points

Times change

Preview be210d43 7a22 4c51 8a15 17fe78e2e77c
85 points

Best use for ex-wife's wedding dress... snow camo!

Preview f08fb60f d4f7 4790 af0b 568949ac5cc8
21 points

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