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A termite nest I uncovered inside the heartwood of an oak tree.

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113 points

Whatever this is that rolled up on the beach

Preview c86f3134 26cf 4fad a2a9 fb5d47b1a0f2
109 points

This is a cashew. I almost ate it.

Preview cd993140 a920 4fc5 a3f8 f78dc23a054a
122 points

This mouse with one foot

Preview 7cb51aad b99b 4a58 9775 2e5963a22b61
125 points

Some dirtbag stuck some gum on the washroom tiles - spent a bit of time on the lips and the quiff though

Preview fcf3af16 0a9f 443a 91f1 5a53f90988b4
115 points

W in the actual F!

Preview 7d815b16 204e 425f 972c 52144c473856
111 points

Found this little guy on the beach this morning- WTF?!?!

Preview 2da5bcaa 12c7 4638 91c2 922d26ac7b2d
81 points

Found what appears to be a baby shark in one of my oysters at lunch today

Preview 194c8469 edde 48fc aec1 a8fdde0ff961
90 points

Banana eating etiquette

Preview 5b698c3d 0090 4b17 b254 3b1477db2f0f
107 points

FIsh skull i found on the beach in costa rica.

Preview a711706a 7eb9 4c08 9970 685c26f527a5
115 points

This is what the vascular system of a leaf looks like

Preview f1878951 fbd4 4e15 aeb7 adee489dacbb
105 points

This Pelican spider

Preview 67de13a2 7da5 43a5 bb93 6c7f4a2c5c8f
118 points

A minute of silence for our boy..

Preview ba16bf8a 8d98 484b a7dc 381754311f62
100 points

Hermit crab using a discarded doll head for a shell

Preview 018060a6 73c8 4f58 b692 3aaafabc7c97
130 points

I need glasses

Preview c9b5d21b ef49 49a4 9dfc 5ce0fc3d5c9d
54 points

Samurai approves

Preview 2b8ae91a 41d2 4fc4 9c46 6fe80c2f4cab

Poor Jeremy

Preview cdf1561e 407f 4c7c b31c 87fce88f3f79
106 points

WTF are these slugs in my garden doing?

Preview 8222bf95 ebd1 47ca bbde 67c09f449a76
85 points

My real life Dragon <3

Preview a7a03533 4f1d 4201 b808 9d80c92ee69b
116 points

Be careful who you call ugly in the 19th century!

Preview 39ad62e0 bc7d 4fbb 8f32 41a6171c64b1
130 points

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