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Perspective: What people think the Hawaii lava flow looks like VS reality

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92 points

Join the Resistance

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85 points

One whole lesson of boredom later...

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110 points

Thanks for the heads up.

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104 points

Curiosity killed the cat!

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104 points

Knock-knock jokes can get pretty dark sometimes

Preview 235a0a18 73ca 4d21 bb58 cdd81728d84b
82 points

There is no escape.

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124 points


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114 points

Tunnels used by Viet Cong forces during the Vietnam War

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hear us out on this

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121 points

The Kiss of Poseidon

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75 points

Went to go do laundry this morning and found this gem!

Preview 1e4d4018 61b3 4c49 beba 164bd88e3388
68 points

Eastern time zone perfection

Preview 9a3ee8d3 c07e 4071 bd20 a89c6f30d9e2

Kiss of Poseidon

Preview 383cc71e 27cd 4d90 9aa0 60e51284cf5b
113 points

Uber Fact #3248

Preview a4b4c1b6 e15c 47d8 86a5 a759f6d1e4d7
111 points

The gf kept saying she wanted to draw something together. I suggested taking turns drawing individual lines. This was our dissaterpiece

Preview 7593408a 94a3 4f09 b641 082e0f1e06a0
110 points

Faster, Papa!

Preview e808c643 38a1 435f a5dd fe79f74b0017
113 points

Texas is HUGE!

Preview 51fcb59d 0043 4af1 8714 b53cfb3a3eda
103 points


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141 points

In another reality

Preview 855ffb22 2453 43c5 b425 e99967093bc8
95 points

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