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Took this picture at the best time

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Bravery is beautiful (Iranian girl, victim of acid attack)

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Found in web

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Just lie back and think of England..

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well I bee damned...

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These panties with a twist right there

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My friend captured the moment the wave came for a hug

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Can't get the puppy without the puppy teeth

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The infamous afro eclipse

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Daisy Clementine Smith

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This kid at a gas station in Nebraska was giving out "Free solar hats to protect you from the UV radiation."

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My friend after his fistula surgery

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16 points

The World's Highest-Paid Actresses 2017

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My new tattoo

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I'm in a foreign country and I just went through surgery for internal bleeding but thanks to you guys everything is easier!Thx for the gifs

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I like these kinds of girls

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