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Before and after bunion surgery. Feet are weird

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16 points

gfs hand... spiral fractured metacarpal with external pins

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Wave Cave.

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Heart tattoos are awesome!

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This muscle makeup.

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104 points

For over two years this has been my favorite picture of both my dog and my girlfriend

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Korean Artist Depicts The Sensual Side Of Love In Gorgeous Illustrations

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95 points

I did a pre wedding photoshoot but the bride was busy, so we got the groomsman to fill in for her

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66 points

My son throwing a rock

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Sun-Maid Raisin Girl Cosplay

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I got serious at drawing digitally 1 year ago, what do you guys think?

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16 points

Mammoth abduction

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A young boy is seen getting sprayed with an exploding bottle of cola during a garden

Preview 036de156 e15b 4303 811c b19129990170

So hot!

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63 points

Just how ?!?!

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How to keep friends

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Eiza Gonzalez everyone! (And no, she doesn't)

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Girl Scared by Dinosaur! Hilarious


Sun-Maid Raisin Girl Cosplay

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