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You and I both?

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82 points

I accidentally melted a bottle of honey and now it looks like the inbred cousin

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100 points

Relevant?! Took while driving

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Was searching Amazon for 99% isopropyl alcohol and this popped up. 100% Grain Alcohol AKA Moonshine. WTF?

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74 points

The nurse, during my annual wellness check, suggested at my age I should have a bar in the shower. So I took her advice.

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81 points

This gets worse the more you look at it

Preview 7a07d9a8 f546 4ee2 a5fe d6a8670fb4f6
91 points

They almost touch each other

Preview f74b5adf a96e 475c b207 214e0b518f82

saw this in Liverpool, UK

Preview 371ca3bb c79f 4db2 b8be d760c580f469
62 points

At least someone's happy to see me after a long day at work

Preview 63fcef8f 66ea 4088 a875 ea725395533f
66 points

A friend just handed me water in a water glass

Preview 573f68af 6964 4f34 a54d 0f8739982e10
70 points

Rockwood House, Portland, OR, USA

Preview 6958d781 aa2c 483a b8bb a1acfb78a232
26 points

This cup of fat looks like a frothy, cold beer. I’m going to leave it out at a party this weekend. I’ll report back.

Preview c372409f 5e16 44f9 a4b3 129d4b23ddca
93 points

Now in your cold isle - horse milk

Preview d9bb756d 901b 49c4 858a e86c23150e81
35 points

Someone’s about to get fired..

Preview 1815b5c9 93c9 42f8 a582 8ba48fd26bd6
83 points

An apology to my future self

Preview a1c7f938 44c1 4cb8 bda7 77c03f88a22f
83 points

The only Vodka in the world made with pure milk (it's delicious too)

Preview f7edc6be 7030 45d3 8d8f cb68cb563cec
83 points

Reading room in the Feltrinelli Porta Volta building, a research center and office space in Milan, Italy.

Preview eabde688 ae9b 4407 88c9 f6aa0bcefcba
72 points

This advertisement came up on my newsfeed from a local Pub. ‘Tide Pod Shots’

Preview f81bc890 e8ee 412b 8cd8 160064628b09
73 points

........Aaaaaand this is how I got my creamer to stop dissipating at work.

Preview c53674b7 8fcf 4a39 ae05 ad0a36baeca7
85 points

I call it Hahn Solo

Preview ddf4ec22 42e2 48e1 b24f a0277f5ecc16
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