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Friend found this in a liquor store.

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9 points

Meet Venus Flytrap

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It's called a tasting and its classy

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15 points

Found my cat drunk af!

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17 points

Well, cheers!

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60 points

Good thing I didn't eat these chips in the dark. There was plywood fried up in the batch.

Preview e4ebdc4a 656b 4845 b96d a3d173a018c1
84 points

Dirty glasses? Just clean them with Cat Crap!

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16 points

The most German thing ever

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Congratulations to the happy couple!

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15 points

I need this in my life

Preview aceb7b92 d807 43ab a529 93468b005860
23 points

Crispy treat at the bottom of a bottle of Lao whiskey

Preview af5551a3 9f4e 4f0d b723 10d152729ed6
20 points

This is the north pole of Saturn, 2100 km long and 540 km/h of Red wind speed (from Cassini sond)

Preview d1305426 3ac1 4bab af79 d93c4868ffb0
23 points

Print came off my daughters Frozen Elsa cup, now she looks like a terrifying spectre

Preview c3429826 10da 419c 80bb 16af44f9f1cb
22 points

Don't be stupid

Preview b3fd9939 beb7 42d7 abeb 56da8b3fcd87
16 points

So sad but lol

Preview 265a3c87 e02b 413a 98ba a0dac5f2e3e1
21 points

The Lord works in mysterious ways

Preview 8689b749 2da7 45c7 90fe c7418c5e186d
102 points

Suck on deez

Preview 90484353 d03f 4694 a0e8 6325b44ccfb3
1 points

20170825: Happy Birthday Linux

Preview 36072714 bab0 4419 89d5 ebfffd3fc6e9
83 points

How Canadians build savings accounts

Preview 4ff8f7cc fbef 426b bca4 e04756c7924c
24 points

A necklace made of genital warts

Preview a96b6b07 ba28 4bc7 b816 615f47069f20
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