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Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

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Enjoy life

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I took an awesome shot in Paris, thought I'd share with you all.

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Big in Canadian households

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The way this lemon holds the coke

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Americans be like: "Enjoy your beer."

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Company charges $325 for pack with hand-crafted 50 ice cubes

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WTF? It seems like my friend is collecting his cat's hair for some reason. Should I be worried?

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They make Mortal Kombat beer!

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Choose wisely my Bros

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Chill mom, it's just a fish tank.

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How To Make Coca Cola Soda Fountain Machine With 3 Different Drinks At Home

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That's Barbaric

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Can you see the deer in my beer?

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More handsome

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Oh no, it's back.

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Nice beerglass design

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