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Its my turn to upload this.

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14 points

Want some....

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11 points

Long exposure of arcing electricity

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10 points

The most morbid tea bag

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12 points

Superthicc genderfluid

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23 points

Testing the glass from a glass bridge with a sledgehammer.


Ready or not?

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3 points

Inverted Perspective

Preview bf470648 8894 43fe 93a2 d90b12b61371
9 points

When you try to be healthy

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2 points

Part of the Crew, Part of the Ship

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56 points

Inverted Perspective

Preview f3e2fa46 f35b 4fe3 ac34 99b3d629fb27
10 points

Why didn't m&m make it as their product???

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14 points

Proud to be slav

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16 points

This guy was found in our produce department today

Preview eaae73a4 7208 49b8 a201 429b85640a16
15 points

This is a small ecosystem consisted of four shrimp, algae & water with no maintenance ever

Preview 7d0c5138 d7e3 435a ba6b a6673d221efe
15 points

Ancient Coca-cola bottles...

Preview 89aa40d1 e046 4776 842e ab8a1d2f52fd
78 points

I feel uncomfortable

Preview 8ee8fd58 56ee 4ec1 81b9 5249f5330da6
1 points

Enjoy life

Preview f81cdedc 44f7 45fb 89ed 70224be3f121
75 points

I took an awesome shot in Paris, thought I'd share with you all.

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