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This is so satisfying

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So true😂

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"Zip Zop Zoobity Bop" or.. "Count down to Pound Town"

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79 points

every time the weather starts to warm up those fraps start lookin goooood

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94 points

Stacking pallets.....for a bonfire!

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90 points

They said he couldn’t, yet Elon Musk delivered again

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85 points

Well i choose energy LOL

Preview d64c06c7 adcc 4a18 8a08 64fa7abfb6cc

Baked beans lava lamp.

Preview 130cfd08 8bcb 4923 ae7f d3ada9a08705
58 points

Popping caps and blazing happy little trees

Preview c554022d 64c9 412e a94b 9402315e9d6d
89 points

Have a squirt of "Ew-De-Toilet"

Preview 32396947 238d 4157 ae65 8f5f823c09b0
81 points

Wife didn’t think this hot sauce was funny.

Preview 423e31fe 9a1a 4f80 a93d ca94fd0d556b
105 points

Thanks, McDonald's...

Preview 6ad04f89 d791 4d3b 9853 702fd1bd8436
73 points

Chemically good.

Preview 58bdd3af 42ed 4710 a2df f8f96f8ebcec
104 points

Beer Made with Vaginal Bacteria

Preview c4bdc66d c485 4bd1 a714 c8659a4c8e7b
97 points

Lady at the store tried to ID me for buying liquor this morning.

Preview a11a6616 a859 4dd9 87c4 b405398b6db4
106 points

Green Pasta?

Preview b455f355 b7a0 48e2 9fd7 3f782cf80040
108 points

Irish Women

Preview 7a0a0870 1701 4d53 a86a 30e8dede5f7c
104 points

It’s Jesus

Preview 7a46a556 7c05 4fa1 a7c6 cc063c9c90dc

You and I both?

Preview 23696a2d 3235 4a8d a0b6 491f167ef599
90 points

I accidentally melted a bottle of honey and now it looks like the inbred cousin

Preview bb9848f7 3068 4e43 a11f c44ba7a06429
107 points

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