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Minimalistic bathroom in Manhattan overlooking Brooklyn

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18 points

Control room of an abandoned power plant in Budapest

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16 points

This building looks 2D

Preview 41946cba 893e 44e7 a979 abf521b42c36
14 points

Emergency exit

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9 points

Reading area on a secluded modern house on the shore of the Balearic Sea in Cala Canyet Girona, Spain

Preview df78bdcc 68d1 4e26 8bd7 3985055015c2
9 points

Escalator in to the fitness center

Preview 89b3bc8d d092 4240 b4c3 328e1fa9df5e
129 points

Open your mouth and receive the gift of the lord

Preview 8de90958 c677 4fec af7f fec992e5d805
15 points

I like traffic lights

Preview a3937277 733b 48c9 a7e3 a90e93352ebc
14 points

Neighbor has a small hornets nest...

Preview 347bac3d c7f4 4b84 bc8d 58fec06fb0fa
9 points

Hello there

Preview 3a75e8d2 9c4d 4524 a9a4 6224ddabb94a
8 points

McDonald's home delivery first trial

Preview b886a9f2 809f 4f65 8093 8f7c22350b95
15 points

Taking a nap

Preview 0963006b b611 4843 bc77 ff957dac2e8f

Don't forget the tuna, human

Preview ff69c48d d54d 48e0 be02 3826ae199161

How much Italian did you say your pizza were?

Preview a3aa1b2b 5f83 4afa aa57 7e4cbe1beb53

A hand made glass marble.

Preview 10c80b96 9cab 4de3 a77e a9259c70302d
13 points

A perforated concrete facade lets the tropics into this brutalist home in Kuala Lumpur

Preview db5c3931 3479 4b71 9eef b62364e1b656
11 points

This is why men die before women

Preview 726bb072 022a 4d6e 86c8 976b4929644d
85 points

Whats next? A female sherlock?

Preview b5f92509 e30f 4340 b00c 8574394b9097

Penthouse living room with curved windows and views of downtown in Soho, NYC

Preview 5c75222d 79ff 4383 8942 9b355f57127f
4 points

Chinese apartment with fake windows. china never disappoints me

Preview a1661daa 6650 448c 817f ab18747aed63
5 points

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