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The 80s - when being drunk in the bathroom was a real challenge

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67 points

Swimming pool of Indonesian architect Budi Pradono's house

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110 points

View of Sydney from Suite 2218

Preview f48edc3a 98d1 47c1 8790 48d96fb82bf4
59 points

At least the beam is solid

Preview 7007591d f953 4383 b067 c5646fae5314

Silver House, Cephalonia, Greece

Preview a7eaee07 5ca5 4b82 abfe 6091e3e3ad73
24 points

Taken while laying in bed the other day .

Preview c968bbb8 5e0c 4dd8 bf22 c1768b3855a2
72 points

The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Preview d939632e 618d 4cc5 be86 09c1e3024dc5
50 points

Congress building in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

Preview 5cb291de a03e 4ea0 bc60 d17a1637d057
23 points

Lunchbox Wax

Preview 2a721b3f 146a 442c 96e7 2749e4011820
23 points

The ceiling of the "smoking area" of this airport

Preview d4012b29 72b9 44f9 bffc d165c4fdbf87
45 points

Taken while laying in bed the other morning.

Preview 80eb6d4d d533 4b4f bda4 ff26ea006b36
39 points

Congress building in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

Preview 33ef1d90 44a1 452f a542 3da08c8a5ffa

I wish

Preview f79f87ae 13c2 46f0 b609 49e5aab909a8
44 points

Modern Balcony in Downtown San Francisco

Preview 2bbcd476 51f8 4bc0 be34 a37f1843f1d5
59 points

Apparently, this is a thing now

Preview 785dd29f 2573 47b4 a1d3 8c6e2c24aff1
62 points

The cable management at this Kroger.

Preview 47dd7972 6bff 4034 b4bf 20a35bf179fa
70 points

Living Room View - Grotteria, Italy

Preview c07ad77f e97f 4fd0 979f 1f5a21c98adf
22 points

The ceiling of a smoking area in an airport

Preview 53a581f2 24eb 4463 bd17 7516a30ef85f
36 points

World's narrowest house , Warsaw, Poland

Preview 021511a3 e98e 400f 8cd9 2321f5925c20
32 points

Modern Living Room with an exquisite view of the mountains, Tepoztlán, México

Preview 05fca02d 88bc 4325 9846 9b26ec06fbf5
35 points

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