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The ceiling of a smoking area in an airport

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16 points

World's narrowest house , Warsaw, Poland

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19 points

Modern Living Room with an exquisite view of the mountains, Tepoztlán, México

Preview 05fca02d 88bc 4325 9846 9b26ec06fbf5
17 points

Bathroom with breathtaking views of NYC

Preview 637af77c bce7 417a a89b e5a0894c7f8f
13 points

Florida is dumber than I ever thought..

Preview dd33ea13 53b5 41c7 8774 7cd2783d6d9c

Inside the dome of the Reichstag

Preview 706a5045 e040 4140 896f ee28e125eb0c
12 points

You may refill the bride

Preview 17e2fec6 6ded 4510 b53a 21f53701281a
18 points

Steel frame extension to a renovated house bringing natural light to the dining area, Bangkok, Thailand

Preview 11991849 2ca7 4087 9266 73d2dc0eee40
15 points

Sunlight became a colorful scene on the other side

Preview 68c7bc4a e25b 4929 9439 f8f7a89a9a3e
19 points

Windowed living room in condo overlooking the river Thames in London, England.

Preview 30e820eb be0e 415b a3f2 a16509171426
16 points

Oh the Sweet Smell of...

Preview e78b529a 7cf0 407b 8261 754832b7af14
19 points

First Class ( artist - Vincent Bal )

Preview 4d939b61 b585 4a12 9432 092fa988cf71
18 points

Building in downtown Orlando is all set for Irma.

Preview d28ae73a 77cd 470e bb85 3411762b5e0e
18 points

She Can't Handle it.

Preview 6970efac 23ba 4bc4 bed3 7d8c9e5b7459
2 points

This McDonalds is showing Wolf of Wall Street on all TVs. Leo just snorted cocaine off a stripper's butt.

Preview d872737b 0126 4602 8458 8351be3b5af3
133 points

Deep shit

Preview a4a61231 2024 40b6 bdf8 ca7beef1c9c3
2 points

Minimalistic bathroom in Manhattan overlooking Brooklyn

Preview 617a0615 99ce 4106 b95d e72d42c90989
86 points

Control room of an abandoned power plant in Budapest

Preview eba23d1d e7c7 484c 9c2c 01c6df07b3e4
19 points

This building looks 2D

Preview 41946cba 893e 44e7 a979 abf521b42c36
19 points

The shadow of the awning above aligns with the cracks of the tiles below.

Preview 3006608c 578f 484b 9665 a5cef00cb5dc
2 points

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