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Hungarian Parliament Building

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43 points

Palais Garnier Paris, France

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23 points

The Palais Garnier, Paris France

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49 points

The Exorcism Of The Chupacabra Demon Prank Call


Cat carrier houdini


Woven by god.

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87 points

Goddammit Gary!

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128 points

When the kid wakes up

Preview 5f96adb7 cd5c 4105 bcbd 85481b832b46
115 points

when you fight through all the levels of tech support and reach the final boss

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82 points

Invisible basketballs

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56 points

F**k off dude. - jesus christ

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96 points

How do I title this post without getting in trouble?

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23 points


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45 points

Tolkien lore - The Dwarves

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85 points

Are we going to hell? Pranking a Prayer hotline!

18 points

When you are so high, you roll your mate into a joint...

Preview ca9d092f c57b 47dc 9503 83f414ce7c4c
21 points

Conquered a Flaw, Thankful.


You'll float too.

Preview c6d7c11e 74b6 4efd b7df 364d7f1e78f1
50 points

Assailant..."slipped and fell"

Preview 681a4763 029e 4891 a51a 6fbe667481c4
75 points

Open your mouth and receive the gift of the lord

Preview 8de90958 c677 4fec af7f fec992e5d805
44 points

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