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My grandmother has had this up in her house for 30+ years. Just noticed she pasted her face over Scarlet O’Hara

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77 points

Palais Garnier Paris, France

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42 points

THE gold digger prank!!!

81 points



I call it Hahn Solo

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97 points

Caught in the act.

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Christian Bale

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49 points

when you fight through all the levels of tech support and reach the final boss

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83 points

The inside of a Stony-iron meteorite, believed to be created during the formation of the solar system

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76 points

Inside the most expensive real estate in the world, Buckingham Palace

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41 points

Glowing stone garden

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55 points

Was visiting a Scottish Castle when suddenly ...

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Your butthole before prison vs after prison (coin shrunk using electromagnetism)

Preview 20ba448a 3a7f 4573 bbe0 582b456b9efa
78 points

She enjoyed the photo shoot...

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24 points

The Clementinum Library in Prague

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61 points

Run Queenie Run

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79 points

I found the painting of the "wtf did I just read" meme dude in Scotland!

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78 points


Preview 2e65ca7a aef0 4266 ae94 8c06edd89cc6

Money well spent

Preview 9b3271a9 ac46 41cb 91cf 7615f0a0cffe
24 points

Ring Made From Meteorite

Preview c99f7cec 52d0 498b bfac e48037db2ffd
53 points

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