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Day 11, the dog still thinks I'm fur

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71 points

Glad They've Saved the Dog

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81 points

The essentials

Preview c658c115 cd06 4358 9efc 39373ef86150
61 points

Everybody’s got their thing

Preview 3eb24560 f418 4b85 a8d2 48126e94ab8e
91 points

My dog welcoming me home from work. Best smile ever.

Preview 6b504d66 65c7 40c3 8ae7 55b42b5679b2
56 points

One Head, Two Bodies

Preview 0bb7aae1 5933 4e07 8eaa 98b33a830d1c

Not mine.

Preview 772310be a238 4247 ba1d 1ccfdd934c8d
129 points

A wild floof appeared!

Preview 72130daa d9a6 4c95 82f1 2a8f0d0ea7e0
51 points

Being an adult

Preview 49df65ee cc89 4a41 9023 c79aabdfeb36
117 points

Meet Barckley

Preview b41e4535 ece7 43ac 8958 707d1c9c0dfd
14 points

When your human asks who is a good boye? but you already know its you.

Preview f4ba5036 fbdb 4892 8dde 4d7e80904cd4
45 points

I think somebody needs to be told who the good boy is

Preview 975bf50c 7015 4b42 a303 ca0a2507ca6a
14 points

6 months ago my boy was diagnosed with cancer. Today he had his last chemo treatment - so happy for my pupper!

Preview a16210b7 5acc 44c6 99b3 add567ba096d
18 points

Cuteness overload.

Preview 50645e65 a4a2 47e4 a8e7 72d31c5c6477
42 points

Prison Break

Preview 8c703ab4 fecc 4de7 b594 9345f6d55412
68 points

Here's a cute, non GoT related doggo

Preview b786c2fe 4e44 4d6e a90b 2b25d9f7dfb7
117 points

Strange human I agree to adopt you

Preview 5a201a47 6e48 4f01 babb 5451db950288
56 points

Doggo had surgery and now he is a druggo

Preview 66ef37a4 8499 4437 b95f b736f7ee014f
22 points

Ever been this high?

Preview 1a45b66e d93a 4d11 a8a6 5a2b02ce85e4
15 points

Damn you hooman

Preview aae30054 ffad 4258 a3f0 a4100121b810
156 points

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