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Just a bird catching a chip

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116 points

What the Fish !!

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109 points

They all looked away when I tried to take their picture

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Are you feeling lucky?

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I think I'll take the other door...

Preview 55ff45e6 95c5 4a05 8632 74c58c5674d0

It helps better than anything else

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Look at all these flagrant lawbreakers.

Preview 62499999 8419 459e 94c2 2fa36e022f20

Dog walker meets angry swan, what could go wrong?


He He Helppppp...

Preview 414fd222 db9c 4bb3 a644 da4e5069607d

Huge lines, super expensive, poor customer treatment, scams, low adherence to english, locals pissing on the streets and fake glamour

Preview d4664f94 61ba 40bf 92dc 8d57c249bc6e

A videogame about a goose being a complete jerk


This duck doesn't give a fuck

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83 points


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'I think the theory of evolution is fully compatible with faith in God.' Charles Darwin

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42 points

No other reason for which people would have elected him

Preview 1705b2ac 7bcc 4c25 9ac1 bfb73048ffc8
129 points

... apparently there's no "Meme" section left, and no appropriate category for this kind of post anymore...

Preview d638bce8 fbae 4531 a99a d2a56fe19abf
72 points

Missed the turn for KFC? I got you covered.

127 points

Would be way more interesting

Preview 87837be2 df60 4aa2 8ea2 c59faca74720

Yes it is

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76 points


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