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One example of a great marketing

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9 points

Putin' a street art.

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17 points

I just got this, can you named it all

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Preview c85be658 56fe 49f0 85f2 a4a27415de77

Too true

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10 points

Son of Odin does not beg for help!

Preview 4c49ca71 2164 4521 b20d cb9f664ba62a
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14 points

Urban art - France

Preview a21528e9 69b0 4e81 bcfa 8fe42272df3d
71 points

Just a painting of a naked woman and a seal snuggling on a children's ride.

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216 points

May I present you: Pepachu

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142 points

This picture says alot

Preview b53c13ab 955c 485a abfd f6872061377f
4 points

Graffiti before and after

Preview fc506016 8758 48b0 a4f4 12b9e266a5ba
7 points

The Walking Nokia.

Preview 448a67f0 17aa 4671 aa1a 9f81c75c41e9
2 points

This was posted a few years ago, before I really understood the wolf. Today it makes more sense than ever.

Preview 6259bf42 9893 41da 8ac4 c205eadb1020
11 points

Joseph Stalin down and out

Preview e9a80e5e d0af 4c7b ae15 71b7d8e56f9c
2 points

Less than one month guys

Preview 16ae128b 6b6b 437d 9382 a26542d3211e


Preview 55b390e8 afdf 437d aa15 98a257b043bf
10 points

Spotted in Vienna

Preview 07ffec02 cb33 4ee2 a893 77894b555387
4 points

I want to know how and why

Preview 33db0bfe 45bd 4737 9d76 e07a7fdad2c0
116 points

I am so grateful for the love from all over the world. Thank you for your support everyone.

Preview b94eeb91 24d8 4426 9ce1 09d1d38819dc
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