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It's everyday bro

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19 points

Childhood ruined

Preview 304ea459 a413 46ea bf3d 6d5a326d38dd
9 points

I wouldn't mind exploring those sandy cheeks

Preview 616a798a c872 4c16 9790 62d33165884b
13 points

Not cool man

Preview cf1d3505 bdd1 4ab8 8d4b 70cf139961d2
14 points


Preview 192cc373 cef2 4e24 ac4b ed935972311e
24 points

Hear we go again

Preview c1b410ab d97f 459e a2e6 8e2a82dc963c
84 points

Drew this for a friend's husband who was recently laid off to cheer him up

Preview 13b7539b b4a7 4c1e 9e3b 1d99fa545f92

Netflix paused at an interesting moment

Preview 8507cb33 f624 4905 82a6 ad23ab310f4e

Happens every time!

Preview 5b7bcdcf 933c 4099 82b4 6caf165873b8
85 points

I tried to post it to r/tales from retail but it won't let me. But I just had to share this!

Preview 9d44f0e7 97bd 4b41 9a99 6c1d5e8348b1
52 points


Preview 2faaa1ba cfbf 4182 9d54 d72793263471
24 points

Show me what you got!

Preview 9e284e02 f645 41da af5a f8ff7dd9c40e
20 points

Got this poster for attending a Ghibli Marathon last night

Preview cff49152 eb86 42b3 893f 1c5b714c7eec
83 points

I didn't make this...

Preview 3fb6716c 3931 46d9 825b 325d78ba4079
42 points

One of us one of us

Preview 9a3e1f7e 8611 4d09 8f63 249e07b3dbac
24 points

The feels train keeps rolling

Preview bc4e44af 70a4 42eb a9ef f4b42f9a6752

The ritual has begun

Preview f4a395e9 7e4c 4323 b346 46edccbbe073
51 points

This Kindergarten in Brazil

Preview 9e37a8b8 9732 4de8 8177 f13128d099f6
19 points

Too soon?

Preview 2688e83f 74e2 485c a79b 766dbf6c1a17
22 points

McDonald’s employees last weekend.

Preview 712f2f13 3895 4578 b77a d92833ad9b82
39 points

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