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The damn truth

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Well played

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64 points


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Bad luck for Switzerland national team, the entire squad is injured...

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21 points

Danmark ftw

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23 points

Oh my yuan ....

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Romans. 2000 years ago. Enough said

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21 points

How are we not extinct yet?

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24 points

I thought it was a typo for "rate" and boy was I wrong

Preview a52c0e03 bf0e 4c69 a27b 152cb09d8c32

Sometimes when you take a chance...

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18 points

Millenial men don't like boobs as much as older generations

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22 points

Reading reviews for the 90 degree specs on Amazon when..

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Things I love

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72 points

There is a solar eclipse. HOW CAN WE MAKE IT ABOUT TRUMP?!?!?!

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68 points

Obama was really born in Hawaii.

Preview b50c44be 45dd 4103 ad6d aea4f492ab19

Flight "666" on Friday 13th is now going straight to 'HEL'

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20 points

The True Spirit of Burning Man

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23 points

Reichtangle creeping in the corner.

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What? lol

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Most common surnames in European countries.

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