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There has been earthquake at Turkey and some of the greek islands.It was 6.8.There has been a little extra,it was 1.9

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Planning a summer vacation in Europe be like

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In case you wondered

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How do flat earthers explain that ?

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Wendy's Twitter is gold, to bad they got rid of spicy nugs

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People can get this dumb

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From Kissing to Wedding in only 9 hours. Just German things.

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This is accurate

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Make FRANCE great again they said

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Where popular series are located

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Isn't that the guy from Sherlock?

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Answer of life.

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Fixed It

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For the lame balls

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Every day before I logout

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Yay! I could have healthcare at last!

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But I always try to play it when there's no internet

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This can't be good

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Package was 2 days late. UPS insists no mistakes were made.

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