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Millenial men don't like boobs as much as older generations

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115 points

Reading reviews for the 90 degree specs on Amazon when..

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111 points

Things I love

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198 points

There is a solar eclipse. HOW CAN WE MAKE IT ABOUT TRUMP?!?!?!

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96 points

Obama was really born in Hawaii.

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Flight "666" on Friday 13th is now going straight to 'HEL'

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66 points

The True Spirit of Burning Man

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90 points

Reichtangle creeping in the corner.

Preview d443f32d 57d1 45a2 961a e2a43c643f6c

What? lol

Preview c8608b85 9567 4b4b b7b9 ff9644e0a216

Most common surnames in European countries.

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155 points

Boy that fire nation I tell you hwat

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59 points

The other Tropical Storm's will bully him with such a name

Preview 5946dbed ac28 4494 82cb bac0232f3e91
89 points

Hurricane Irma if it would have passed over Europe

Preview 97f4ddb6 ffe6 4a96 9230 325747d590d5
78 points

Good reason

Preview 15ad9736 a8c3 4a5f b6bc e5a60f65b451
82 points

★☆☆☆☆ Bad product

Preview d9941eb6 effa 483f 9722 16832dec9ef2
72 points

Where are you?

Preview 48f2d892 fee8 4cb3 bf11 1bc6c1e7c3b6
90 points


Preview f0f484c5 e542 4aa7 9127 7ca92ee412a7
135 points

America is my city

Preview 0559a341 ee86 4a37 b39a aa4fbb822fc1

2 rapes per year ain't that bad,right?

Preview 8dba8d8a b4ef 402e 84b9 7af98f04e578
60 points

Can't wait to CZECH it out

Preview c5a4d0f3 74c2 4f39 b516 7df68d5a4b63

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