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Scrolling through Instagram... Faith in humanity restored

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European version of Florida guy

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80 points

Living in an apartment

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Definitely 100

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85 points

That's why you should always have an alabi at any age...

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83 points

Pulling a Matthew Mcconaunghey

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72 points

Perfect dad doesn't exi....

Preview a05be42c ee19 468e b3cd d90efd3656e0
76 points

This guy just might be a genius! Says he will sell one post when he reaches 5M followers...I don’t believe him!

Preview d09a0e8a 0fdf 4df6 a460 84b4cde3991d

Turn around

Preview bc1db984 4c76 4e5e 8e63 9da7c2a9d59f
17 points


Preview 19297959 3d37 4048 9fe7 261cc8f2d566
20 points

Just a little prank I made up. I put in the notes app because I couldn’t make a text post.

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21 points

Nothing works betterererrr

Preview ee868812 59d3 48d6 aac7 4487209453fc
43 points

damn millennials

Preview fff8a8f3 d43b 41c4 98f0 318102728d3b

Do not discriminate long live equally

Preview ece63262 4ae3 4ca1 bbee c46946434564
19 points

Little Foot vs. Lil' Foot

Preview 26736943 d7cd 43f3 a0bb baddb87109fc
36 points

This sudden profanity

Preview bce4ceaa 3d1a 465c b959 f928bb93ea2a

420 is still funny, right?

Preview fc9ef3e5 c38d 4d9b a0d6 12b01187581b

From now on, this is my favorite Disney princess

Preview 31393275 3d44 4781 88df e287115e3fbc
21 points

Why I hate showing people my phone

Preview 478c0b1d 49b4 4bdd b101 4c99f012d229
40 points

I can assure you...

Preview 71a9c9a9 c89c 4b0c 92d9 ace0aa173ba0
44 points

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