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The damn truth

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You're in a good mood aren't you?

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Let's count to 10.

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Google now has an "Ad knew too much" option when reporting an ad.

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Why yes Windows 10, I do think Witcher 3 is the perfect application to view this .jpg

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Welcome to 2017 everyone

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It's time for action

Preview 505a1091 d7db 49bf acbc 1f589eb2676d

That friend who's always competiting in everything

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Get it?

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It's been about 100 years now since the Russian revolution

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Netherlands: Land of the free, home of the high

Preview e3ca5316 684e 47dc 8592 fdc868ea0286

Glass can't be half empty or full if there's no glass

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Preview b5f2bbbf eae7 4c77 a012 397ef69c0117

Ini oke

Preview 6f7e2fe9 8ff8 4af0 891c 9fab3f1e0ff7

It's my first rage comic

Preview c96363f5 eb65 44df 912b 9251ae2488b1
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Build it anyways... WTF fitting room

Preview ff515b5e 98a7 464b b52e d7cec0307c15
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I need healing !

Preview be1612b4 c4e1 4a58 9c40 c094fa5e75f7
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Happens Everytime

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