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A guide to understanding Australia

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156 points

When your flash update looks like this in Germany, you get nervouse

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142 points

How to roll??

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81 points

Nature's Majesty

Preview 7f5d9ce0 9818 4e66 b75a a8f2867e12f6
68 points

One Question

Preview e3eb3626 3812 42fc ad30 c55f6ecccf71

Another one :)

Preview 7312e67b 3734 4b6c 8f4f 67cb03f01f71
60 points

This time of year - always

Preview 016370c2 6421 46d1 ad1a e24f60f889c7
113 points

Trans positive comic

Preview 05d1d1c5 0504 4bb4 9102 bcda6627ca32

The damn truth

Preview 8b6a45a6 d3d0 4e2b 98dd c601aa679043
111 points

You're in a good mood aren't you?

Preview 850eafd3 3b1e 47c3 beb3 6d299cacd5fd
130 points

Let's count to 10.

Preview 6ab261e8 0818 4605 b776 9270816a88da
92 points


Preview 6288299a 877b 463b bc5e 31a53ea0703c
136 points

Google now has an "Ad knew too much" option when reporting an ad.

Preview 1af7801d eb25 4863 9c81 05fb00368473
105 points

Why yes Windows 10, I do think Witcher 3 is the perfect application to view this .jpg

Preview a21d25f8 d3ae 4d24 83b4 e1ca2aff0714
64 points

Welcome to 2017 everyone

Preview 0fa0f215 237d 480c b88f 7c086f01cbea
65 points

It's time for action

Preview 505a1091 d7db 49bf acbc 1f589eb2676d

That friend who's always competiting in everything

Preview 8f3e56d9 480d 4f94 8ace 0616e45e7c16
78 points

Get it?

Preview e40fd56d d78a 449e bedf e57c5777d22f
85 points

It's been about 100 years now since the Russian revolution

Preview 599db56e eaf4 4edc 9f5e 607e23fa23a1


Preview dca43fe7 8c7d 4bde 9c65 9563acd94880
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