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A Horse within a Horse.

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The Ford line up looks good.

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70 points

A tired cow

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67 points

I mean, yeah this meme suck too because I'm bad, but I'm sure you people can do better!

Preview 191b13d5 5116 4cd9 b2a1 7e73f5d38dce
81 points

I was recording Splatoon 2 replays on my Switch and when I paused after it went to a Mario Odyssey replay I caught this, thought it was silly :P

Preview 74f24a26 132f 4ee4 aaaf f9da350082fa

Now..which stick did you throw again?

Preview 43b3cb29 a07c 441c b755 ec625eb51c23
51 points

A native Floridian holds the front lines against hurricane Irma

Preview df7629c2 e822 40c3 be12 b57119fe1c26
74 points

Routine Inspection

Preview f2b30e7f b607 4b3e b1d0 73c86a4361ec

Do not disturb

Preview 8b7df61f bee5 4568 9a20 72c499eba5c5
24 points

My dog giving his thoughts on ending a walk

Preview 3ec7726e 92ba 4247 8b0d 345702a483f4

There is always a dog that will spoil the photo

Preview d7fc4403 3687 447d b4ab 01e0e7584aa7
21 points

"Bear with me, dog."

Preview 4b32a1f7 a6ec 46b5 8c0d 5026d300fa80
22 points

Came home to this in my front yard.

Preview a9fbe0c3 0c15 46b1 b6eb abae310938bc
22 points

I think someone forgot their spacing.

Preview b3a644ae 47fc 45f5 a1b3 7ca14e509b14
23 points

This isn't your usual game of soccer...this is EXTREME SOCCER!

Preview aee871fb 47ea 4545 bd6f cfd27fd28e73
21 points

A heartwarming series of Pic....Oh

Preview 8ebf8ea3 ddc0 418c 969d ef4d1116fab3

Long live Mathilda Jones – after finding a huge ‘Excalibur’ sword in the lake from the legend of King Arthur

Preview c8417cb5 4ab1 437e 86b9 9b47d9a211c1
47 points

What if...

Preview b09dfefb 0d27 4eb9 ac99 76f6d7288a99
40 points

We don't want another forest fire.

Preview 809544e0 2d11 4e85 abf4 dadee5f9e8e7
47 points

I'm Ready

Preview 10cd481b 4259 4dc9 8a6b 456cd206f1b7
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