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Me trying to handle life.

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Me no dog me potatoe now

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Kittys forming a perfect heart shape with their tails

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Looks like the perfect couple

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Was taking a picture of the bay when a paddleboarder passed by at that moment making it look like he was framed by shrubs.

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Scary Moose

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I love how this dog keeps his cool even when being rescued by firefighters from the fence.

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Looking for sticks in my yard before mowing and found 9 baby bunnies in total J chilling

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Today I said goodbye to my best friend after 14 years.. I will miss her deeply

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Gotta punch my balls to be manly again

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I wish this picture I took was photoshopped

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I got balls more then you have

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Germany's Wacken hard rock festival builds 7-km beer pipeline to deliver 400,000 litres of beer

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To all rude customers.

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A picture of my cousin right at the point he hyperextended his knee

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Well shit...

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And they wanted 300.00 for a bagger attachment

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'Must Have Three-Putted' - credit to Douglas Croft

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Tired Alligators

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