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Where is autocorrect when you need it

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11 points

*runs away*

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13 points

This spot in the middle of my yard that hasn't been mowed in years.

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21 points

Just another day on the farm

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12 points

Would you care to dance, m'lady?

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I'm an photographer amateur from France (Rouen) And here is one of my favorite photos, taken on my birthday ! My best gift !

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51 points

The moment before my friend got hit by a beer bottle to the face

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And her shirt is still too small

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67 points

Ladybug Liftoff

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This dragonfly looks like he just farted and is really pleased with himself

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19 points

I rarely use any Instagram effects but sometimes I find that a subtle use of tilt-shift really draws your eyes in to focus on the main subject of the photo.

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70 points

Japanese Men Selected Their Top 10 Actresses With Ideal Body Shape

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109 points

These clouds taking flight

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22 points

I found a baby rabbit. It wasn't too scared :)

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13 points

Roughest sport I ever played!

Preview a66a649f 81b2 4da8 9fa6 d05b8e9be284
18 points

We had a Disney themed party so I made us a Slinky from Toy Story costume!

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52 points

On a cycling route from Belgium to the Netherlands

Preview 697af995 5578 452d 829e 89b8fbaa9148
16 points

If anyone knows if the filmed it , I need it , for research purposes

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86 points

Meeting ppl organically

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72 points

Super fun happy slide to crippling depression

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