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Aw what a cute doggo

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Rescued this guy from a circus 5 months ago. He is almost 30 and he's going to live his last years of life peacefully.

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15 points

This spider made a web to hold moisture, even at 100 degrees.

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Rate my sploot

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16 points

Americans out here in the middle of nowhere aren't as kind.

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Happy doggo

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My dog was always kind of special

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Cats love boxes so much

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Not mine but very important to know!

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When it's about time to tap out

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James Fridman who amused the internet by taking Twitter users' Photoshop requests VERY literally releases another batch of hilariously

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Your taxes

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Please slow down, we've already lost too much

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Big cats like boxes too

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Helo fren, have flower!

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Just got this fur ball. Hope it makes your day better.

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Abandoned tanks

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When you can't sleep everything becomes funny

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Town is that way

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