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Thanks boss.

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71 points

Storm came through with some pretty strong winds last night...

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9 points

Golden plover chicks sport moss camo

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13 points

Hitching a ride with mama

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78 points

When your girl is Pb&jealous

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14 points

The way this town in Finland has decorated their street

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11 points

Good boyyyy

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11 points

Pupper and his frend

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12 points

Could be much better done but I am lasy b*tch...

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51 points

This is how giraffes sleep. You're welcome.

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Meet max

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11 points

Drug Free Corner

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13 points

Good doggo

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12 points

The age old question...what came first? The chicken or the

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12 points

A sheep died in a bog and frozen. The top of the sheep's back was not submerged and rotted away the other parts remained perfectly preserved

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17 points

Made from an old golf cart

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13 points

This dragonfly is hungry!

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9 points

Some of you will relate.

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58 points

Schrödinger's "creepy" building

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74 points


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