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Six Cows Killed by a Single Lightning Strike

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78 points

The shoe kills me every time I see this

Preview b02faeb7 6cdf 427b ba23 34e39a74662d

Poor Engineers...

Preview e33d3c52 2849 4eff a1ca ebfad58f75e1
88 points

“Just do it”

Preview fdf69926 7beb 4454 9301 5612c6155bb1

ITAP at my university's baseball game

Preview 06c3db75 20bc 41e4 83da 8d3104aa8b8b

Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

Preview 9af52ec6 e82f 4716 9926 644be7154d5c

A tired cow

Preview e9896173 8184 46a7 abd6 f2ba437bec5a
67 points

Her reaction to the fresh grass growing in the park.

Preview 0c3f62e2 6e3e 42ca 8fc3 edd395fd45a7
66 points

Massive cock on my ass

Preview 73f44553 31ff 4162 aefd df3d64bcbb61
52 points

Just Missed Seeing A Vampire This Morning

Preview 5139f841 2ee7 49dd 9b3e 11a6c4441624
50 points

Home-made hot air balloon catches fire just after going airborne.

Preview 601e6c93 c672 42fa bb5f 1cebb2b8622c

This dude going down the sidewalk working out

Preview f74666db d2a4 46be 960a 15f67137b052
56 points

This cat looks like it just got knocked out in an anime

Preview e6c82944 feb8 4b4d a29f c413e9ff9d27
61 points

"please kill me"

Preview 651dcc00 b85f 4c16 85e8 9dc0ec7f89be
51 points

The start of a war between siblings

Preview 8a5436bb ec8f 4940 a963 b10e20cf421f

Love these animals

Preview 4337460c ea13 4ada 8d16 08d8407c5a8a
75 points

Big shadow

Preview c507bb0e 5b6f 4324 b56a fa3dc4229a8e

A woman down the street has this sign posted in her back yard with a floodlight illuminating it at night for traffic to see. Brenda lives directly across the street.

Preview ed90c775 8fcd 4343 92e1 fe287631b77d
93 points

After all of these years, I finally found it.

Preview 46aab5fd f17d 4b32 b4c7 c7152a46f2e8
95 points

Snake About to Lay Into This Woman’s Hand

Preview 11886f4c 3ba9 46f8 baa7 51838c301668
101 points

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