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Just my girlfriends dog.

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95 points

What you gonna do?

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72 points

Damn it Mittens

Preview a92fcff8 eed1 47b6 bef7 856e9ebca86f
61 points

Cry everytiem

Preview f09e989b 91e7 48f9 8194 d72f8e707070
51 points

Reenacting the Lion King

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Did we do a good job ?

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44 points

Just fluffy...not fat...

Preview 8ed9d37f b6d4 4efb b51c 9af3a8d8856a
90 points

Such pun, much wow

Preview c8cc8dcf 274a 4c8b 8345 30325f1ce5a9
24 points

Rj was scared I was leaving for good, luckily I came back.

Preview 719a488c afed 4055 bdac 8cdcacde5358
50 points

This is Churro. I found him hiding behind a dumpster, scared, lonely, hurt and starving. Now he is a beautiful healthy and very loving cat!

Preview 08e216cb 033c 4b2e 99b8 db30a1042e94
81 points

I'm not sure that's a coyote, but still, it's cute

Preview 7e37062c 8d99 45ea 92d5 55e317123dbc
122 points

That’s not mine!!

Preview 381c264a cf33 48ec bf15 a2240356d463
43 points

Found this homeless cat

Preview f7b4153d a646 4bc4 a3a8 80a670a17119
23 points

Geese: the biggest birds Taz has ever seen!

Preview c38f4b44 83f1 41c5 b2f6 967c5082dd0a
49 points

We can purr all night

Preview 64e99d81 f100 4fe5 9e34 d7f83e478952
41 points

When she's angry but can't handle her cuteness

Preview 1474ade3 4017 4a0a a7ef 4a0e60ebe96f
46 points

The only two moods of my cat.

Preview 94d2ea4f 80fa 4d0f 833e 495dd6deb07f
53 points

She always gives me serious looks when I clean her kennel.

Preview 29313013 62fa 45d2 b8e8 50b3371ceab5
52 points

I would Keep that bunny as a pet

Preview 6ce3b9fe c11f 4aca 91f6 e59c737a6486
46 points

caught em!

Preview d4e00740 1593 478d a484 375f26bf54ce
49 points

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