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She always gives me serious looks when I clean her kennel.

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15 points

I would Keep that bunny as a pet

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13 points

caught em!

Preview d4e00740 1593 478d a484 375f26bf54ce
11 points

Cat wants kitten to leave her alone


Purrfection 🐈

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16 points

Just a loving mom.

Preview c6b030b7 9735 4a68 8276 58bee085aa77
15 points

What do you think is more important..

Preview e2f976a4 4243 40ba b34b a500f4936a28

I hope everyone finds a companion that looks at them like mine looks at me...

Preview ee56f591 0db8 4728 a256 3fcac5c34824
19 points

This is fine... (I waited long enough, its my turn now!)

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12 points

The lawnmower came too close to the house mid-lick.

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10 points

Cats are so silly. I want 10 of them

Preview d892499e a4be 4969 84a2 10d31cc7b1cf

Sleepy bunny

Preview f8c76fb2 cede 466e bcd2 5ee4be19715b
13 points

My 2 cats hump each other loudly all night long...

Preview f3b65b9a 8670 4015 865e ae71029f23c0

Moon moon

Preview 36f15485 66f9 4efc ae72 68702840b918
15 points

WANTED: Cattsy Catteta

Preview af8f2c1b 4086 4a9c a465 76c1dc860f8f
10 points

"Are you going to stop filming and do something about this??"


Chinchilla with thick coat of fur

Preview 51474abb 1cf2 4892 8e0e ac98cbb3224f

Tongue Out

Preview c7096392 6c6e 405c 978b edad4600de80

Emotional 10 Year Old Sees Colour For First Time Will Leave You In Happy Tears

282 points

Colin is a cutie

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104 points

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