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It's really slow at work.

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116 points

Some people just shouldn't operate equipment.

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67 points

I don't wanna talk about it...

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The school said each kid had to bring a printed photo of the family preparing the recipe of the requested item. Our kid got Coke and my husband delivered.

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77 points

Makes cents, eh?

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76 points

Cool room under a busy pub. Kegs and tubing for all beers on tap.

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100 points


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Comrade is back

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57 points

Insert suspicious meme

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93 points

Tinder Couple Whose 3 Years Of Messages Went Viral Meets For 1st Time On TV Show Is A Bit Awkward


Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...

Preview 20b29469 fc12 4ad1 80ea ce763a4db3b5
99 points

Packing Heat

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56 points

This machine has seen some shit

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70 points

It took me a few seconds before I realized the joists weren't painted white!

Preview d1817e9f fa08 4ff6 92e7 6af6c3f60e24
68 points

Control room of an abandoned power plant in Budapest

Preview eba23d1d e7c7 484c 9c2c 01c6df07b3e4
92 points

814 MW Steam Turbine I commissioned in the Netherlands. Runs on 275bar/597°C steam at 634kg/s at base load. (Upload for deez_noots)

Preview 78aa94e2 fe8a 415f 95f6 421a2e6b5ba5
88 points

Local electrician does all houses like this, the plumber too.

Preview 133123a7 498f 45d3 bcde ecd18b4f739d
80 points

Bike race ruined when bridge raises to let a sail boat through just before finish line.

Preview bf66a44d 8259 42f8 8366 68cf34d4164f
93 points

This pallet of boxes looks like they're up to something.

Preview 89b5f682 9fac 43cd ab0a 24d4c12bd831
115 points

Woman grocery shopping in Venezuela as the economic crisis continues.

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