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New Hampshire wedding photographers capture couples at stunning heights

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Let’s take a nice family photo...

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I didn't even notice all the mulch on the dinner table.

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A beautiful fountain gown

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When you have a hot date at 9 but you also have a Dungeons and Dragons meetup at 10.

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My friend was the MC for his sisters wedding. He forgot he put the microphone in his pocket.

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Nice dress dude

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ITAP of the moment that a carnivorous guinea pig sunk it's teeth into my sister's flesh.

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Best foot forward

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When I feel sad, I just pull this up and laugh.

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In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a photo of me and my wife on the happiest day of our lives..

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Love the IT Crowd

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Best marriage photoshoot ever!!

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I took grad photos with my boyfriend of the time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt “fixed” my photos.

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4-Year-Old Flower Girl’s Surprise Kiss Stole The Spotlight At Mom’s Wedding

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Poor little kid

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Aaron Paul got a special gift for his new baby

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The calm before the storm

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Way to use your head, kid.

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