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When you walk into your bachelorette party and find out your sister made all your friends wear a mask of your fiancé's face! This is nightmare material, right here!

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Caught the instant these kids popped a bubble on my old film camera when I visited Barcelona last year

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This man dressed up as EA for Pax south. Was kicked out 5 minutes later.

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Buddy showed up to a NYE wearing the same thing as a stranger who had the same exact tattoo.

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87 points

Feeling old yet?

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6 million under 60: Forbes is getting ready to release its 6 million old people that are dying to change the world. Who do you think deserves to be one of the lucky few?

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Yup. This happened.

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I work at a photography store in Norway. This was our Christmas card this year.

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77 points

Craig & Smokey

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Workers on the top of the Woolworth building, NYC, 1932

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Steeplejacks on Woolworth Building, NYC, 1932

Preview ce1b2cbc 63be 430a 9548 97ac2323c37c

Overcrowding in British prisons

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Lost my helium-balloon 20 xmas ago

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Peep me in the background, mid-icing-finger lick, at my baby brothers 1st birthday

Preview 175c77ef 69ae 488a bdf4 8ea77467cc7e

My youngest daughter got a handful of my oldest girls’ hair

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The Skarsgårds family my ladies and gentlemen

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My Friend asked why I wanted his dog to stay outside during the party. I showed him this pic the next day:)

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Police Brutality in my Hometown

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18 points

Some Hasselhoff for you

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