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I know a legend when I see one cr:sggag

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13 points

Photography By David Dubnitskiy

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11 points

This caveman? and his rainbow girlfriend were my visual entertainment at a festival

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9 points

When it's The Mummy, you don't a need a good title.

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10 points

Soldier tries berries from bush, while CO reads from the "How to Spot Camouflage" handbook

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13 points

Mr. Anderson

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10 points

Sitting in front Goals....

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12 points

Spotted a bachelor group in Munich

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13 points

The very first picture Linkin Park took together back in 1997 when they went by the band name "Xero" Rest In Peace, Chester.

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15 points


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Three ladies wearing high waist shorts, 1950s

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14 points

Each booth is an alternate reality

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10 points

Couldn't help but think of this (g)old pic after watching the premiere of GoT season 7

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jaw gets smacked by a baseball bat

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Chris D'Elia met his doppelganger at his latest show.

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49 points

Upside down is a matter of perspective.

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13 points

The power of ice cream.

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10 points

When you lie on the resume, get the job, then hire all of your friends

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10 points

IsIs fighters dressed as whamen to escape AL-mausel.... but that one on the top right tho

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102 points

When Your Coworker Is Really Your Best Friend =D

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