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These people who set up a tent at an art fair

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193 points

Nice handshake

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177 points

Old but Gold.

Preview ae1a0500 2685 42c4 b5ae b94e808bff03
123 points

Poor Jeremy

Preview dd6ae8a3 9d41 4855 938c afccc59f9f4b
137 points

That'll do

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116 points

Baseball chillin amongst a crowd full of expressive faces

Preview ebe16a63 ea0c 450d 8ad2 ff1be0cc28b3
107 points

For the Greater Good..

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143 points


Preview 17f38f74 62aa 42da b028 4143c2bd6c2c
118 points

Pizza dream comes true

Preview dbbc5e1a fc79 4891 85d9 b49cbfe8b55b
130 points

I'm running for the Green Party in the Local Council Elections. Bet you can't guess which one I am.

Preview eebb86c1 763c 4f51 9f75 cf1f0e2d7719
119 points

4 years ago my cousin moved from Madison, WI to Raleigh, NC and made the track team

Preview 0a05eb4e 56e4 4e78 ab6a 74e965892860
122 points

the greatest crossover of all time ?

Preview 448f7667 fc22 4b95 b75d a203587583c6
141 points

Having gaps in your resume

Preview 67f9cabb 91e9 4241 9169 44456fcdf2e1
134 points

My friend managed to hit himself in the face while lifting the league trophy

Preview a257c05c 1385 41a0 84fd d1e43fd004a9
130 points

To be Totally Honest

Preview 407b4578 1b82 4b03 9abd 4254bae990d3
114 points

Zuckerberg's totally shitting a brick right now.

Preview 0c6cc77e f121 46ab 99c9 5a3503645b4b
172 points

When Congress Think They Have You Fucc'd But You're The Zucc!

Preview e158e0b7 b4fc 4cc6 82b8 bf0c1d47efca
146 points

Ctrl C, Ctrl V

Preview 3eddc721 3920 460a b3e6 42fa07b496f4
134 points

He's been training for this moment for years

Preview 0b24e774 8cf0 4157 a1a2 6a0cd39da684
114 points

Baseball chillin amongst a crowd full of expressive faces

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111 points

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