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Family feud in a nutshell

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91 points

Plastic surgery anonymous

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93 points

Be The Batman

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54 points

Jim Carrey impersonating celebrities, 1992

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66 points

Friend of mine’s daughter was in a chess competition. Safe to say she brought her game face.

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61 points

77% drop

Preview ade6121a 19e6 4eab 8aee 219f63d36b7a
108 points

Combining the faces of actors who played a certain character

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109 points

My cousins have had the same couch since 1998. The couch hasn’t aged one bit. Some of us have.

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104 points

I photobombed my buddy at the Super Bowl. Great minds think alike...

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94 points

That’s that I guess

Preview 61ed5266 dddf 41be 9a64 3ac3c784a141
102 points

Idk the guy in the back but he seems not like to like me

Preview cb868db6 1585 4384 90cf e94e1c78d14f
107 points

...good times

Preview 04a2ce43 8ad4 487f 91f9 54a5c47534a7
115 points


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Master Kim showing his ninjutsu before striking Guam 2017

Preview d7d9d79e d8fe 4fad a6d0 64a5d885e518
105 points

Happy -er day

Preview 5ef0c7ee 8b0c 4297 951e b85ff372e9ad
109 points

Kumail Nanjiani got no chill

Preview 84260d04 592a 4cc7 a669 f0726779bed5
118 points

When you walk into your bachelorette party and find out your sister made all your friends wear a mask of your fiancé's face! This is nightmare material, right here!

Preview c94b87bb d848 489c aa7f cf06ebe34fd6
111 points

Caught the instant these kids popped a bubble on my old film camera when I visited Barcelona last year

Preview 04e244ad 7610 413b 84c2 599437fb9cdb

This man dressed up as EA for Pax south. Was kicked out 5 minutes later.

Preview 3ce2c157 c9b4 4939 b3d4 88ac93ba0787
100 points

Buddy showed up to a NYE wearing the same thing as a stranger who had the same exact tattoo.

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