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Only 2 girls, as he can count only till 2

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114 points

If there's something strange in your neighborhood...

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106 points

Miss New Zealand falls unconscious in Miss Universe competition 1954. No one gives a shit

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210 points

Can someone explain wtf is happening here ?

Preview b25dd1f7 8221 409a 9a25 78d5692e2145
168 points

I ragret nothing

Preview 5baa09a3 f86b 4b12 82c5 53e60930781a
214 points

1932 One Wheel Motorcycle

Preview 06a9ddbf 2812 4958 b799 1d04fc05c95a
159 points

So you're a geologist? Then what kind of stones are these?

Preview 5f9c69af 8090 44b9 8cd6 17e5bde46ce1
169 points

Her face is longer than my love life.

Preview caf78764 d172 48ff 8f49 b4db4d3010a5
137 points

It has been 10 days, they still haven't noticed i'm a chicken.

Preview 0899cc3e 48cc 4a5b bfff d1c678eeab74
136 points

Why I'm scared of marriage.... poor Pierce Brosnan

Preview 32d3dd85 1994 4e19 ba82 9fe69a729159
119 points

When you're no longer the only child

Preview 40d100b5 ecca 4ef0 aa87 1cf12b15f386
134 points

Works like a charm

Preview e23d0cbb ff88 4916 86fb 2db95f018449
105 points

He's always scouting for new talent

Preview 35cb6c8d aefb 4579 9959 eed095cd7ec7
89 points

Photoshop skills

Preview 578f4a44 5447 4ca2 96d6 fc06c5ae3b96
268 points

I present you: The Dutch army getting ready to fight off the Nazies (didn't go very well)

Preview 8b9a6640 8ceb 480e 823f 91d9c5b8e32b
108 points

Ok, now a serious one

Preview 632a69e7 b78f 4bdd 814b 6821225b3d03
84 points

Now this is why US citizens are demanding a raise in minimum wage.

Preview eb5a9297 c3e0 4b34 9679 bda1f2e52594
82 points

Chinese wedding picture.

Preview fefc86c7 f185 48d5 85f4 e0feada6e24d
131 points

He Didn't Catch It

Preview d44c54ec 8e36 4127 b9cf 86d584959c7f
122 points

What would your cross-over series look like?

Preview ca911fe1 2ae7 4260 b8a6 6dc6fe4a2adc

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