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When you walk into your bachelorette party and find out your sister made all your friends wear a mask of your fiancé's face! This is nightmare material, right here!

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6 million under 60: Forbes is getting ready to release its 6 million old people that are dying to change the world. Who do you think deserves to be one of the lucky few?

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173 points

Yup. This happened.

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My youngest daughter got a handful of my oldest girls’ hair

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Bill Murray wearing a 'George Clooney Is A Beautiful Man' shirt while watching fireworks with George Clooney.

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127 points

Glad they pointed that out

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81 points

Distracted man drops beer on White Sox left fielder Al Smith, 1959

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Ah its good to be home

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62 points

Distracted man Dabs beer on White Sox left fielder Al Smith, 1959

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Amidst the Chaos

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Boise State has a dog who chews the crap out of the tee after Kickoffs

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Meeting the girlfriend's family for the 1st time

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69 points

The 1/3 Reich

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129 points

The three stages of a male orgasm

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147 points

Tis the friggin' season...

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80 points

Gives “dress up day” a whole new meaning

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106 points

A hundred years later mankind are still the same

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144 points

Willem Dafamily

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