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Oh Jeez!

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12 points

This tomato tried absorbing his neighbor.

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9 points

I got some mini pumpkins to pass out for Halloween.

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12 points

How grapes are made.

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66 points

This corn is swimming in milk

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67 points

Lavender Harvest

Preview dbdda2c1 d7b8 40fd 9364 e73f1a4e341c
64 points

Guy I know found a surprise in his "wing" at KFC

Preview eca4e232 41b3 4285 a914 242b37e8d7ef
86 points

My brother just had a bent/broken pretzel so he cutted it with 90 degrees.

Preview 3f35a57f 8e6d 481d a079 a61a4f5aa55d
4 points

Crazy eggplant that I found myself. Don't believe Raj's lies.

Preview 4eb77dea c40c 4136 b83f 699b6f3aa816
2 points

Banana For Sca.. What the...

Preview c9e0832f dc67 45c8 825f 3b1b1dff04e7
286 points

This Harry Potter apple I found.

Preview dc9bc7f1 5850 4576 8c47 716b9d1944d5
102 points

Reinventing the vegetable drawer

Preview 4254a6b6 8544 4c31 8fe7 5da3bb2292ff
179 points

This cucumber is sponsored by Air Jordan

Preview ef5598cc 3c9d 4c8e 853f 4f0f70b19a2e
124 points

Eat bananas ...

Preview 623698a9 b737 4555 9367 18d783900a05
109 points

How to trigger some people

Preview c3fd19a6 c1e1 49e9 bf12 6a51de674d7f
166 points

Wait ... Why?

Preview 7e2ccbb1 934f 41ae a137 1d833a56378f
84 points

But why? I cant even...

Preview 81249117 c368 4c77 aa41 a3581785035d
218 points

I Am Froot

Preview 755f7513 b172 49fa 8ae1 2f0cf5b96e65
151 points

Wait ... what?

Preview 22fed07d e783 4d8e a1b8 c48cab27c230
183 points

Nope, not eating here

Preview 7f151613 20cd 4d99 82a6 68206b15ff99
113 points

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