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The coloring on these tomatoes

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89 points

Dear God, WTF is going on with this butter?

Preview c1461f11 81b1 41c8 874b d966bd83b675
21 points

Banana for scale? (not mine but what the f**k!)

Preview f9de9d16 8fb0 4f55 be9d ed8bba88277a
16 points

This carrot I dug up looks like it came from the underworld

Preview 3aec1ce9 946c 4a60 ac6b 2714d6217005
22 points

Broccoli flower

Preview b82eb2cb 0e2e 4853 8900 68a030832976
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Preview a592d800 ed1c 48a0 84f1 1b605c3a7da4
24 points

A crunchy glazed donut

Preview d64dc8fd 0bbb 4885 bcac 1c20545b3e15
16 points

Found bugs in my brocolli when I was eating at the school cafeteria

Preview 291b543e 6779 46ed 84d7 1e25f0b769cf
20 points

Just a phase...

Preview 2b40266c 2b44 477c b9dc 860b0404de4e
1 points

Your nose after removing all the blackheads

Preview 1afe599c eca3 4794 b733 bbcd4d90f095
20 points

I can't figure out how to put in the batteries

Preview 0941e011 2926 4ffe a045 e0eeb82418c9
79 points

This is the reason I'm not a vegan.

Preview 752ba1ee d09e 416d 90ae f117666f4086
100 points

Someone didn't flush the toilet the last day of school. I came back to this. Yes, they are moving.

Preview 455c981c a85d 4e81 92cf 428e9a3931d1
24 points

Sketched on a leaf

Preview 45ddada0 0fcd 4bd3 be1a 7214f6aeb5d5
81 points

LPT- eating a hard taco over a soft tortilla shell nets you a second taco absolutely free. You're welcome world.

Preview 65e0b969 e917 49fb b131 ffb80be66220
16 points

I was putting together a turkey sandwich when I noticed something interesting..

Preview 013f6a5c d847 4dd5 b796 71700d26b6d3
79 points

No potato but still...

Preview a5d0503a aa58 47d3 83b7 50a24b7fdb76
20 points

An old worn out sticker on a shelf in a local juice shop, Bangalore, southern India

Preview e0856b32 3e66 4dba a78f eac2e54be4fe


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