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67 points

Gotta keep files extra thafe

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86 points

This baby carrot...

Preview 600603b5 a3ef 4338 9907 9a69eb213015
47 points

The entire life is one big lie

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44 points


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Sooo many rubber ducky!

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39 points

Repotted this particular plant 5 times. Yes I keep moving it, this last attempt was acrobatic to say the least.

Preview 29ede077 828a 4124 992f 0e4cb01ff117

Hello! Nice to meet you, I am Carrot

Preview a039176a 7796 4a81 9d7d 68ae6f66e38f
101 points

Just carrots taking a bath...

Preview 0f05e578 e569 44ce bed1 3756286ed8ab
83 points

Uh, pizzacarnation

Preview 80e4521b 098f 4ca3 9b3a 47a2b5a0fb77

Irish porn be like

Preview 5aa6da3a 74b9 43e4 83ec adc6ced34ae9
46 points

Smells like pumpkin spice.

Preview 7376b098 8976 4c9f a2fc b39998bcca8c
54 points

My fiance and I made pumpkins like one we saw on here, but they've started to rot. Now our pumpkins look like a couple of crazy meth heads.

Preview ee949809 20d8 4d80 88c6 329c5e1c95e6
83 points

Asked my boyfriend to make the dish for a potluck this weekend...

Preview d46fba82 c891 4ce9 931e c0516a64869d
91 points

Woaaah, we're halfway there, WOOAA-OOOOAAAAH...

Preview c6c0c729 22e7 47e1 bdeb 807fc48771e6
62 points

There was an audible crunch with the bite

Preview bf837a49 a2f6 4d21 9971 750710b2b1cd
76 points

The coloring on these tomatoes

Preview 872387fa 6592 4229 993f e00cb16e1ae0
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Preview 7fc78dd0 2ff8 4af1 b306 83b5372c775b
104 points

Dear God, WTF is going on with this butter?

Preview c1461f11 81b1 41c8 874b d966bd83b675
84 points

Banana for scale? (not mine but what the f**k!)

Preview f9de9d16 8fb0 4f55 be9d ed8bba88277a
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