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This fly that landed on a flower I was photographing.

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Do not disturb

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65 points

I left the rollercoaster ride out too long and it left this huge dick in my yard!

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108 points

I found a six-leaf clover today

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24 points

Lucky bastard

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50 points

Guys, she said yes!!!

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80 points

Undercover agent !?

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119 points

How to tell people to f**k off

Preview 47da9c17 d3ec 4ba1 aea4 e80885b68118
78 points

Things I love

Preview 1691f956 16a9 4eb3 971d 4324947366e0
81 points

That friend who's always competiting in everything

Preview 8f3e56d9 480d 4f94 8ace 0616e45e7c16
57 points

This is the longest worm I have ever seen!

Preview 7809cdd7 94d2 4d4d aecf ff0403fd1f5b
47 points

Spring Bluebell path

Preview aa329266 f945 4423 8cda 05d6952547c2
12 points

Wonder of Nature

Preview 8fbb0316 cf10 46a1 976e b7e7fb8abbb0
50 points

Somebody doesn't like their neighbor

Preview 79da53e1 67ef 47fe 8d56 2b9dff11f445
47 points


Preview a592d800 ed1c 48a0 84f1 1b605c3a7da4
88 points

I mean roaring in nature is really liberating! :)

Preview 8702c988 c666 478c 9f81 b1d2e9af7ec9
9 points

Shower thoughts

Preview 40f93784 ddf8 4ff5 909c 5e23bf8272da
14 points

This spider made a web to hold moisture, even at 100 degrees.

Preview 19719943 5226 4c5d b8d3 dd29c68f241b
19 points

The perfect dew drop doesn't exist...

Preview 9c63b174 fa22 4a0c 9523 f49d95d3af2a
156 points

I'm gonna die...NOT ME!

Preview 130066e8 db0c 444f 970e e843fd435dba
15 points

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