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Your taxes

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21 points

Don't you dare

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17 points

OK. Wait. What?

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10 points

Good point

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15 points

21 Pictures That Should Help Make You Feel A Bit Useful

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11 points

No happy cars allowed in Germany

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You like fishsticks?

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17 points

Is that the german efficiency everyone talks about?

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18 points

Random street in Africa

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5 points

Planetarium Watch

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9 points

Uhmmmmmmm slav much?

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12 points

Boeing draws a Boeing with a Boeing over the US

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14 points

The way this town in Finland has decorated their street

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14 points

This tidy snake

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17 points

My firefighter buddy took this shot from the bottom of a fire truck ladder.

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15 points

Trying to access the frontage road hi-way 75 Richardson TX .... Now what do I do?

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11 points

In Fremont, Earth

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12 points

Pole turned into UFO kidnapping cow.

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15 points

Nice try Jake.

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