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I don't get it...

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These children are definitely slow

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Looks like I'll have to cancel the romantic drive I planned with your mom.

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We screwed up!

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Good point

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Reserved parking for Grandpa Rick

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I know this isn’t special or anything but here is the first snow of my hometown (:

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Feels good.

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Step 1: bring wife and a friend. Step 2: say you and your friend are a couple. Step 3: ... step 4: profit

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Let's stick with "restaurants that sound like sex acts" for 800$ Alex

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24 points

Four Seasons in the Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

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Its nice to learn new information every day

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Bless you!

Preview bedf9638 fa69 4afa 8c12 36b999659d85
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I just found this place

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Woman equals handcap??

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80 points

Stumbled upon this in the woods of New Hampshire

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Pole Turned into UFO Kidnapping Cow

Preview bf978da9 23d9 458c 9159 f8f1f62f3682
21 points

Yeah right...

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Free OJ!

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