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Florida kids learn "policing"

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A few years ago, a United States Army paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division took his pet fish, Willy MakeIt, where no fish had gone before.

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82 points

Taking your pet fish skydiving

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47 points

Carl is Dumb

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When your superior asks you how it s going on with the training

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This van has a concealable "police" sign, so that no one will ever guess it's a police van.

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"Bring your rpg at school" day

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Cheers to the philippine special units!! we defeated ISIS!

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Because reloading is stupid

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The French are amazing

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Come on, u can do it!

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20 points

Anatomy of a pew

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22 points

Now it all makes sense.

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Yes, yours

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Mam put the laser down please!

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Its true

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