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Boom headshot

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108 points

This guy chillin with his dog in London

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96 points

May the 4th / Cinco de Mayo crossover

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69 points

Carwash in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

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76 points

Air Support

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88 points

Black Olives Matter!

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94 points

Join the Army

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79 points


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133 points


Preview fc35acb0 99a7 45d7 8569 6c43fd3d69de
51 points

Long distance cat tracking

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58 points

Fix it. Or not.

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71 points

U.S. Marine drinking cobra blood.

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72 points

This Playground

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100 points

but wait, there's more!!

Preview 7be96bf5 5dcd 479b 9ca6 0fff0b6238d1
129 points

I am going to Hell for this😂

Preview 9981c89a 102f 42db a049 7294a59945ce
78 points

This gun safety class doesn’t seem very safe

Preview 0429db9e 6faf 4b81 870f 397804f43f6d
90 points

A car crash during the Mid-Winter Race at California’s Imperial Fairgrounds, 1976

Preview 6d25d875 396d 42a3 b3d6 106e89767c82
105 points

Florida kids learn "policing"

Preview db8fb22e 3bc1 40a4 967c 72a9e1640db7
85 points

Trolling pro gun people

13 points

A few years ago, a United States Army paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division took his pet fish, Willy MakeIt, where no fish had gone before.

Preview 20e4e233 dc1f 43fc 87d9 50e7b5ee3d6e
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