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Him: Will you marry me? Her: No. Him: OK then

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1 points

That looks like a unicorn had massive diarrhea

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1 points

When the lifeguard sends you down the wrong slide

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19 points

Methane bubbles trapped in a frozen lake

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11 points

Expertly framed.

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These mints are terrible. Don't buy them ever

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9 points

Intense selfie

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I dont even know what to say

Preview b0239036 4497 4c67 8cff a394a6b34872
15 points

This guy was found in our produce department today

Preview eaae73a4 7208 49b8 a201 429b85640a16
15 points

I managed to capture a perfect snowflake using my cell phone

Preview fc16755e c05d 46a1 8c62 7d10dbc37acf
18 points

Colossal Storm on Saturn's Surface Captured by the Hubble Telescope

Preview 2b19c5d3 dff7 4b88 a49a cf301783fe4a
55 points

What the hell would be the occasion for this stock photo series?!

Preview d59ba7ea 97ef 4008 87dc 3e0357a9b216
13 points

My Dog Looking Insane

Preview 9b666bfc d32d 4267 854f e3acb92179c0
12 points

Warning: Pupper dissolves in water

Preview 3e7bba30 6322 4492 b2e7 ce2f27916dd4

This pupper dissolves in water.

Preview 5c2a98fd a19d 4825 945b e81d2d5d1bde
13 points

Still born kitten preserved in a globe... Wtf!

Preview 39d33f8f ff5a 4bed 8bfd 8d51478f6e05
8 points

Kid splashing water and creating a thin film of water on his face

Preview be82d669 3cbc 4de9 ad6d 019215a62d8d

I think I should stop drinking my water

Preview 2bd59e3a 4fe8 4195 906c 94476766ad99
3 points

Birdshot vs femur

Preview 4874b917 896f 4c64 99b3 f1300369315f
5 points

This is a lizard that has been soaking in all kind of chemicals.

Preview 23397665 4131 4ef0 abd3 445f845f6912
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