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Who else is excited for Sharkboy and Lava Girl 2!?

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Y'all stressin for nothin

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184 points

Who wore it better?

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Best money spent!

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he showed up with this present...

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Monday Lisa lol

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lol I was horrible helping in group projects

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182 points

Looks familiar any guesses

Preview 96a97448 3b68 4ca4 b49b 45a117c082ef
103 points

Friend trying to catch blueberry in his mouth

Preview 23ae1061 5709 4d6a ae5e 25820f706cdc

Don’t think she was quite ready for her picture to be taken

Preview 203323bd acaa 4d49 8967 db54e07bad07
108 points

Apparently, a selfie was too much to ask for.

Preview 5627b327 8465 486f b2ca d5fc5f8b37ed

I paused Fox News to Go to the Kitchen

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129 points


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