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lol I was horrible helping in group projects

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144 points

Looks familiar any guesses

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93 points

Friend trying to catch blueberry in his mouth

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Don’t think she was quite ready for her picture to be taken

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101 points

Apparently, a selfie was too much to ask for.

Preview 5627b327 8465 486f b2ca d5fc5f8b37ed

I paused Fox News to Go to the Kitchen

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118 points


Preview 9fff591a 1216 40ea bf5a 3193ff31d5f8
122 points

This is the most likely scenario

Preview afcdab25 aaa4 4e74 b38e fb29b11a32a5
80 points

Me: *saves the game* My brain:

Preview 6c79796f 339d 4021 a9b5 64244238d550
102 points

The wind was blowing the blinds around and knocked something off the bed!

Preview 94872be7 f410 46da 8a9b 8424efb12293
56 points

One last trick up his sleeve...

Preview a0ca71e8 19f1 4bc9 b1a6 0e6d5339e652
116 points

Every damn time.

Preview 62e4ea89 5937 4dfe a402 d6753f1710a3
118 points

Ton's o' Titties Gettin' Stormy

Preview c48df2e7 c3e2 4522 87ee 0a5bc8927cb6
168 points

She totally busted me trying to take a candid at a Renaissance Faire

Preview c869f192 1cd9 481c a0fa 8734bbfdef78
109 points

Flour shower prank on boyfriend

60 points

Marie always did have a thing for purple

Preview 42bf8a46 27f3 4da1 8c90 cd3e7c90a754
102 points

Silence is worth $1

Preview 0bfd14d8 ac3e 4801 87fa 972a2cef2f65
130 points

My Priest Helped Me Beat It When I Was Young

Preview e58a646c 2a3e 4e7d a519 f5e3472626bc
103 points

Fetus Earrings

Preview 3383d203 c0bf 494e 8440 639c8f5d33bc
278 points

Hands down the best catch on Tinder

Preview 6021ce66 ccae 4a6d 9bff 5ce4f4e8e607
136 points

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