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Izzy is such a goof

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56 points

Can relate

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24 points

Yeah I'm calm I'm listening

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20 points

Izzy just realized that it's 2018

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15 points
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That's not a bird...

Preview 2c7fb9d5 1cec 414e b2f8 16a61bc20c89
17 points

Mid Sneeze

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Jacqueline Jossa

Preview 5dd84c4d ac2a 4e9a 86fa bbbe39908e4f
91 points

Simba is startled.

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13 points

Guilty as charged

Preview ac82946b d08a 4e41 ba78 65511cf58d62
23 points

Seriously though.

Preview 92d90c31 e80b 47db a270 bcdf63107768
75 points

I can't go to bed without having a fluffy tail up my nose.

Preview 7e24881e f4d9 45d0 a998 fcc6ebb1bd43

Ksenia sobchak, 35, Russian, going to run against Putin next year for president.

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Walk of shame, expert level.

Preview 12441785 0265 4bff 94c3 001c8ecfcecd
93 points

Birb flew by the window

Preview ab7d8012 9243 4fec 99c5 3239e83dd6ed
16 points

Sometimes on Tinder it's really unexpected to actually find a nice and lovable girl that wants a giving and caring relationship rather than just sex...

Preview 1b95650c b3b3 41a0 b0f6 746ca9f22c67

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