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Fairchild Mansion, early modern Manhattan townhouse with glass-enclosed ramps

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74 points

The grand ballroom in Concert Noble in Brussels, Belgium.

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48 points

Living area with retractable glass walls in this home located in Tapalpa, Mexico.

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52 points

McGregor Memorial Conference Center, Detroit, MI, USA

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21 points

Indoor pool room features a vaulted ceiling and a lap pool with art glass at the bottom -- designed by Deep River Partners, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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82 points

Inside Amalienborg 3rd floor, what it feels like to be a Danish king.

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78 points

Bedroom and bath with glass ceiling in Carmel, California

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64 points

Fluid X / Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & associates, Japan, 2015

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69 points

Dining room of Michelin star restaurant Le Loft, Vienna Austria

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99 points

It doesn't rain often in Egypt, but when it does, it rains Buses

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106 points

An apartment built in 1885, Helsinki, Finland

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69 points

Bar in Les Bains hotel, Paris, France © Guillaume Grasset

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52 points

Townhouse in Pfullingen / Bamberg Architektur, Germany, 2017

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63 points

I heard this kid yelling for his dad at Lowe’s, I went looking for him and.....

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104 points

Grand entrance

Preview 0b6be5e6 d92d 4ff4 a708 7dbce78dd4c6
47 points

Kitchen and dining area beneath a glass ceiling in this attic apartment in Stockholm, Sweden

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67 points

No straight lines

Preview d7cc59e6 c13e 409a 9a64 4d2f7cb7df61
69 points

Industrial Loft in Athens / Konstantinos Pittas, Greece, 2017

Preview e820c41a 1669 4157 a2f5 0c897d602833
65 points

Penthouse H / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos, Spain, 2017

Preview bf0ca4b3 00ff 4a25 86f4 4ffe703b91c8
75 points

Spacious indoor-outdoor living area with an amazing view of the sea in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

Preview 953ea52d 77ff 43ab 9f8b a99e550a0a9f
104 points

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