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Wanted to make the goofiest looking pumpkin I could. I think I did alright

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38 points

Fall is such a nice season

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50 points

Coincidence? I think not!

Preview 66c327a5 dc23 418b 8b60 4fe1a4afd60d
68 points

My son snapped at the exact moment of the picture.

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100 points

Big Little Face, meet Little Big Face.

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70 points

This? anyone?

Preview 411f7e84 9ae7 4a2b bcab 1d14378285e8

Amazing pumpkin carving by DeviantArt user ceemdee

Preview 603d2c63 2449 4c73 972d 4990e99744ee
61 points

Smells like pumpkin spice.

Preview 7376b098 8976 4c9f a2fc b39998bcca8c
52 points

My Mr Meeseeks pumpkin!

Preview 26dd2eb8 9f84 42c4 bf90 c8cd18f9eb37

My fiance and I made pumpkins like one we saw on here, but they've started to rot. Now our pumpkins look like a couple of crazy meth heads.

Preview ee949809 20d8 4d80 88c6 329c5e1c95e6
82 points

Local pumpkin contest had 2 pumpkins boxing each other!

Preview 98affc4b fe7d 4ae1 b7d2 390cf0a6cf54
78 points


Preview 40742b29 ea61 4918 a453 5cedac021bad
20 points

Thought I'd share my first pumpkin carving ever.

Preview ae84be33 1bf0 49b0 9626 c9d62191ecb4
56 points

True shit

Preview 417d50d6 bb34 47b5 9975 0f41aa60d0e9
112 points

Good times were had by most at the pumpkin party

Preview 2362fd1d 1e6b 400d 8211 3be55ba7cd49
82 points

Get it?

Preview e40fd56d d78a 449e bedf e57c5777d22f
61 points

No one expects the ...

Preview eed03c8a 7e99 4954 ab3c 49eb28c4cd82

Great pumpkin or greatest pumpkin?

Preview d491b86e 8c78 48e6 b296 00e1b06f337b

A funny prank from Halloween

15 points

Plot Twist

Preview b815fb40 4d75 4a02 9147 3c04d68e4c29
102 points

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